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Records Management at Jefferson Lab

What is a Record?

What is Records Management?

Why Records Management?

Electronic Records

Legal Requirements

Privacy Act

Roles and Responsibilities

Identifying Archival Material


Vital Records

Glossary of Terms

Flowchart for Records Management

Flowchart for Vital Records

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator
Records Management Handbook

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Why Records Management?

It is good business practice to observe a consistent process for maintaining and preserving certain records, particularly those that concern scientific research and development, such as experimental data and analysis, and sensitive administrative records, such as employee medical records, contracts, personal information, etc.

This guide is prepared to assist those who create and/or maintain files and records. The Records Management Office has developed guidelines for handling laboratory records to avoid problems such as wasted office space, misplaced records, and unauthorized destruction of important documents.

You are encouraged to call Records Management at ext. 7805 if you need assistance with records management or have questions or comments regarding this handbook.

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