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Virginia Physics Consortium (VPC)

Six institutions of higher education in Virginia share a number of attributes. Each awards (or intends to award) doctoral degrees in physics. Each has physics faculty and students active at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, and most of these institutions collaborate with one or more of the others in their experimental and theoretical physics work. It is the goal of the Virginia Physics Consortium (VPC) to increase the efficiency of all of these institutions by encouraging and facilitating cooperation among them.

In 1992, representatives from Jefferson Lab (then CEBAF), Hampton University, Old Dominion University and William and Mary met at JLab at the invitation of J. Dirk Walecka, then Scientific Director of JLab to form the Tidewater Physics Consortium (TPC) which had as one of its goals enhanced cooperation in their graduate physics programs. In 1994 and 1995, at the suggestion of Nathan Isgur, JLab chief scientist, the VPC was formed by agreement of the Commonwealth of Virginia Universities offering the Ph. D. in Physics. A number of benefits will flow from this collaborative agreement to the advantage of the Commonwealth and its citizens.