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Virginia Physics Consortium (VPC)

Graduate Course Cross-Listing Agreement

In August 1995, the presidents of VPC institutions or their designated representatives signed an agreement that, in principle, permits students to take specialized courses at other VPC institutions. Graduate students will be required to take the basic, core graduate courses at their home institution. The agreement, presently being codified in simple form, is expected to allow a registered grauate student at one VPC institution to seek to take certain advanced graduate courses at one of the other VPC institutions. We expect this agreement to operate under the following guidelines:

When a specialized or advanced course is offered at another VPC institution, a prospective graduate student, after discussion with the home institution advisor and/or department chair, will contact the instructor and chair at the institution offing the course. If approval is received from each of those contacted, the student will be permitted to take the course and to receive a grade on the transcript of her/his home institution. The student's home institution may then register the student under the regulations of that home institution using a course title such as "independent study" or a similar listing used at the home institution for specialized courses not offered regularly. The student's advisor or the department chair may be listed as instructor. Upon completion of the course, the grade will be assigned by the home insititution after consultation with the course instructor at the institution offering the course. This procedure will not require coordination between the two institutional registrars. It is expected that no charge or transfer of funds will be required in the cross-listing of such courses.