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Graduate Student Survey

One goal of the JLab Student Affairs Office is to enhance the quality of graduate student life at JLab. Please give us your suggestions. Be as detailed as possible.

Last Name:   First Name:  
Affiliation:   Email:  
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Office space
Is your office space adequate?:     Yes     No   
If not, please comment on the space you have received and include suggestions for improvement:

Computing support
Please comment on the computing support you have received and include suggestions for improvement.

Please comment on your ability to find suitable lodging at or near JLab and include suggestions for improvement.

Seminars and colloquia
Do you receive adequate notice of them? Yes     No    
How can seminars and colloquia be improved?

Recreational opportunities
Are they adequate? Yes     No    
How can recreational opportunities be improved?

Student lounge
If a double-wide trailer were to become available for use as a student lounge, would you make use of it? Yes     No    
What facilities would you expect such a lounge to provide?

More comments
Please add additional comments and suggestions here. Also, feel free to call Bob Welsh at 269-7583 to talk or set up an appointment.