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Summer 2006 Detector and Computer Lecture Series

Date Time Room Speaker Talk
Wed. May 31 12 noon CC F113 Howard Fenker Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Detectors (Pizza Seminar)
Mon. June 5 3:00 pm CC L102/104 David Lawrence MySQL
Fri. June 9 9:30 am L102/104 Vladimir Popov Solid State Detectors
Mon. June 26 10:30 am F113 Drew Weisenberger Nuclear Medical Imaging
Fri. June 30 9:30 am L102/4 David Abbott Data Acquisition Systems
Wed. July 5 10:30 am L102/104 Balint Joo C++
Mon. July 10 3:00 pm L102/4 Mac Mestayer Wire Chambers
Wed. July 12 12 noon L102/4 Yi Qiang Pentaquark Partner Search (Pizza Seminar)
Fri. July 14 9:30 am   Eugene Chudakov Calorimeters
Mon. July 17 3:00 pm L102/4 Elton Smith Scintillation Detectors
Wed. July 19 10:30 am L102/4 Balint Joo C++ continued
Fri. July 21 9:30 am L102/4 Mark Ito Data Analysis
Mon. July 24 3:00 pm L102/4 Arne Freyberger PERL
Mon. August 7 3:00 pm L102/4 Eugene Chudakov Polarimetry, polarized electron beams
Fri. August 11 9:30 am L102/4 Chip Watson Java I
Mon. August 14 CANCELED L102/4 Arne Freyberger PERL II
Wed. August 16 12 noon L102/104 Betsy Beise, U. Md Preparing for an Academic Career (Pizza Seminar)
Thurs. August 17 3:00 pm L102/4 Chip Watson Java II