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    Jefferson Lab Team wins International FEL Prize
    September 29, 2000

    George Neil and Steve Benson of Jefferson Lab were recently recognized by their peers when the 2000 Free Electron Laser Prize was presented to them at the 22nd International FEL Conference held at Duke University in North Carolina. Their achievement which is stated on the award as "outstanding contributions to Free Electron Laser science and technology field for the development of high power FEL's" is acknowledgement to the Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) as home to the world's highest average-power Free Electron Laser. This year's award is shared with Eisuke Minehara (JAERI) for their development of high average power FEL's as well.

    The Jefferson Lab FEL team demonstrated over 1.7 kW of CW (continuous wave) FEL power beating the previous record by more than a factor of 150 in 1999 and has been running the FEL for basic science and applied experiments. The award is given annually by the FEL community at the International Free Electron Laser Conference and provides the international FEL community with a way to recognize its members for their outstanding achievements and service in this field. It has been presented every year since 1988.

    The prize winners are always invited to give talks at the next year's conference so Neil and Benson will be giving the initial talks at next year's FEL Conference in Darmstadt, Germany. "Steve and I would both like to express our thanks to the rest of the FEL Team and the Jefferson Lab for all the effort everyone put in to make the FEL a success. It was truly a team effort and everyone here has won a piece of this prize," says George Neil.

    For more information about the annual International FEL Conference, visit Duke's Web page at For more information about the Jefferson Lab FEL, visit

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