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Videography Services

Video Library

Below is a list of available videos. If you are interested in viewing a video, contact Greg Adams at (757) 269-5018. If you have a seminar, training class, or special event that you would like videotaped, fill out the JLab Video Services Request.

First Aid Training5/22/2001Dr. ChandlerTape
Heart Disease Prevention7/15/1997Dr. ChandlerTape
Spores, Germs and Powders, Oh My!10/19/2001Dr. ChandlerTape
Long Term Weight Control12/18/1997Dr. ChandlerTape
Blood Borne Pathogens10/10/2000Dr. ChandlerTape
Medical Aspects of Electrical Accidents7/19/2002Dr. ChandlerTape
Fundementals of Vacuum Science Class7/9/2001???8 Tapes
RF and Microwave Safety2/11/2003Lloyd GordonTape
Basics of R&D Grounding and Shielding2/11/2003Lloyd GordonTape
Probing the Structure and Function of Matter11/20/2000Swapan ChattopadhyayTape
The Enigma Machine5/6/1998Robert WelchTape
100 Year Anniversary of the Electron12/17/1997Fred DyllaTape
Electron beam Irradiation Chemistry Research & Apps2/13/1998William CooperTape
Superfluid Helium and the Bose_Einstein Condensation10/27/2005Jean DelayenDVD
QCD and Strings6/12/2006David GrossDVD
The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental Pysics6/12/2006David GrossDVD
Search for Gluonic Expectations in Hall D5/30/2006Elton SmithDVD
Electrical Safety Course5/7/2005???4 DVDs
Einstein: The Man and his Legacy10/20/2005Erich VogtDVD
Electrical Safety Arc Flash Presentation4/18/2005Bill ReedDVD
The ILC and Microwave Superconductivity1/8/2005Swapan ChattopadhyayDVD
2004 JLAB Shutdown Safety Meeting7/27/2004VariousDVD
2005 JLAB Shutdown Safety Meeting2/1/2005VariousDVD
The Spin of the Nucleon A View from HERMES5/2006???DVD
Safety: Examining the Human Factor4/24/2006Bruce WilkinsonDVD
Managing and Motivating Employees to Work Safely4/24/2006Bruce WilkinsonDVD
First Aid Training: Chem Room2/12/2006Smitty ChandlerDVD
Renascence Cryomodule Assembly2003-2004Charlie ReeceDVD
Renascence Cryomodule Assembly2005Charlie ReeceDVD
CEBAF Vacuum Systems: What Ops Need to Know6/26/2006Tim WhitlatchDVD