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Web Templates

Screen Capture of the new template on WinXP IE 6.0

Screen Capture of the recent JLab template on WinXP IE 6.0

The following are examples of acceptable Jefferson Lab web page designs. When creating a web site, please take into consideration the Lab's web usage policy and posting guidelines. Custom web design services and support are available. Contact the JLab Webmaster at x7689 for further information.

Other guides
For help with XHTML, CSS or other web-related technologies try the following offsite resources.

Template Testing

We strive to accomodate as many users as possible. In such, we tested the template on various browsers, platforms and resolutions. Feel free to look over testing information in order to keep your pages accessible.

BrowserCam captures with comments
We use a site that takes screen shots of our pages on different browser/operating system combinations. I have commented on the captures that do not render well.

Web Statistical Pie Charts (pdf)
Web trends change but these are the variables kept in mind for the release in October 2004.

Web Developer Tools
The following toolbars do one-click validation of XHTML and CSS, screen size tests, and much more to assist in web development. They are listed by browser compatability but check the sites for operating system requirements.

Help With Testing Your Pages

Please contact (x7689) if you would like web reports on your lab pages or testing on different browser/platforms combinations.