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Speaker's Bureau

In its continuing effort to keep the community informed of its physics research program and its technology transfer activities, Jefferson Lab will send a staff member to speak to an organization upon request. The organization can request a speaker and a nuclear physics research topic or the Lab will select a person and a topic suitable for the organization.

Topics can range from a basic explanation of how Jefferson Lab works to groundbreaking physics being done at the Lab, the Free-Electron Laser project, science education, technology developments, patents at Jefferson Lab, and/or the facility's relevance to the Peninsula and the U.S. Department of Energy nuclear physics program. The Speakers Bureau program is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the exciting discoveries being made at Jefferson Lab.

All requests for speakers at local schools (K-12) are arranged through the Jefferson Lab Education Department. The web site is:

To request a speaker contact:

Public Affairs Manager
Jefferson Lab
12000 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 269-7689
fax (757) 269-7398