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Procedures for JLab Graduate Students to use in applying for resident tuition at William and Mary

In late 2003, The Provost at William and Mary and The Director of Jefferson Lab entered into an agreement to allow all graduate students carrying out research at JLab to take physics courses at William and Mary when paying the Virginia resident tuition rate. This agreement was made to enhance the educational opportunities at JLab and to support research efforts here. It was believed that W&M would receive tuition funds that would not otherwise be received for open slots in existing graduate courses while the JLab research efforts would be strengthened. Thus all should benefit by this agreement.

As of January, 2006, the procedure that a JLab graduate student must follow is:

1. Following discussion with the student's home advisor and department chair, the student should contact the instructor of the desired course(s) and obtain permission of the instructor to take the course for credit. (It is assumed that the student's research advisor has concurred in this decision)

2. Contact the head of graduate admissions (or the Chair of the Graduate Committee or the Department Chair)in the W&M Physics department to inform them of intent to register and take such a course. Consult with that person concerning the student's preparation for the desired course. There is normally no need to contact the William and Mary Dean of Graduate Studies.

3. Go to the admissions office at W&M and apply for "Unclassified" admission. Note that this procedure differs from the application that an ordinary graduate student must follow. The unclassified application may be available electronically. The William and Mary Dean of Graduate Studies is not directly involved in unclassified admissions.

4. After admission and registration, determine the required tuition or fees and take steps to have them paid.

5. At present, an unclassified student must reapply for admission at the start of each subsequent semester.

6. JLab graduate students may contact Hari Areti ( at x7187 if problems arise in following this procedure.