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Leadership Team

Dr. Rolf Ent
Associate Director for Experimental Nuclear Physics

Rolf Ent came to Jefferson Lab in 1993 as a Hall C scientist and adjunct professor at Hampton University. Rolf served as experimental group leader of the Nuclear and High-Energy Physics (NuHEP) Center at Hampton University from 1996-2001, and served as Hall C Leader from 2002-2006. He then served as the 12 GeV Upgrade Science lead at Jefferson Lab until 2009, and became associate director for experimental nuclear physics in 2011. He served on the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee from 2006-2008.  Rolf received his Ph.D. from the Free University of Amsterdam in 1989. He did postdoctoral research with U.Va. at CERN, then with MIT until 1993. He has performed experiments at NIKHEF-EMIN, the VU and KVI cyclotrons, CERN, SLAC, MIT-Bates, IUCF, NIKHEF-ITH, and JLab, serving as spokesperson on a number of these experiments.  He has been involved in several large installation projects at CERN, NIKHEF, and JLab, and has worked with cryogenic and polarized targets, polarized beams, polarimeters, magnetic and nonmagnetic spectrometers and various detectors. He has been integrally involved in fostering collaborations with universities and mentoring young people in the field through his appointment at Hampton University, as organizer of HUGS Graduate School since 2000 and HU/MIT Undergraduate Summer Program from 2006 to 2011. He has authored more than 130 papers published in refereed journals.