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6MSD Update & Safety Meeting


6MSD Update & Safety Meeting - 21 July 2011 (SAF 101-6B)

6 Month Down Progress Meeting Agenda and Briefing Slides

Lab Director Hugh Montgomery, in conjunction with Fulvia Pilat, Accelerator Division deputy director and Six-Month Shutdown coordinator, and Mary Logue, ESH&Q Division associate director, held an All Staff meeting on July 21, to discuss the progress of the 6-Month Shutdown project, including recent safety concerns. All staff were invited to attend, however, the meeting was required for Engineering, Physics, Accelerator and ESH&Q personnel.

If you weren't able to attend one of the scheduled sessions and you are in one of the workcenter's required to attend the meeting/training, please view the video recording of the meeting (via the link).  After watching the video, please acknowledge completion of the training at:

The PowerPoint slides are available for your reference.

Questions regarding this meeting/training may be directed to your supervisor.