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On Target (November & December 1996)
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    Nevenka is no stranger to science

    Pick a language. Chances are Nevenka Zdravkovska, Jefferson Lab's newest librarian, will be able to speak it fluently. Zdravkovska has mastered Macedonian, English, French, Croatian, Serbian, and Bulgarian. While these skills are certainly beneficial to an international facility such as Jefferson Lab, Zdravkovska also has other marketable credentials. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Physics from Cyril and Mothodius University, located in her homeland of Skopje, Macedonia, and a Master's of Library Science from Texas Woman's University.

    "I was interested in Physics while I was growing up. My sister majored in Mathematics, and my brother majored in Chemistry, so I've always been around science," said Zdravkovska.

    In the beginning of her career, Zdravkovska worked as a meteorologist in a program that tracked hail storms and prevented the hail from falling by emitting silver iodine into the clouds.

    Zdravkovska says that, although she enjoyed the work, the hours required by this program did not leave her enough time to spend with her family. So, she left her meteorology position and went into library science.

    "After I went into library science, I didn't specialize in any particular aspect of science and just knowing general Physics wasn't enough. So when I tried to return to Physics there was a gap of many years and I decided that the library was the best thing for me. And then, I never looked back," said Zdravkovska.

    Zdravkovska has a vast knowledge of on line services which, according to her, will be valuable for the growth of the library at Jefferson Lab. She also said she is looking forward to being able to use her experience to provide services to Jefferson Lab employees.

    Zdravkovska says she finds the atmosphere, and the attitudes of employees at Jefferson Lab very nice, and that she has wanted to work here for some time. "I read about the job opening in the newspaper, but even before I read about it I was hoping that an opening would come along and I would get a job here," said Zdravkovska.

    Before Jefferson Lab, Zdravkovska worked in the Pearl Bailey Library in Newport News. Prior to that, she spent 15 years at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, where she held several positions, including: Senior Librarian, Head Coordinator at the Department of Science, and Associate Secretary General of the Academy.

    Zdravkovska commented that although she has left the field of science, she still likes to be in scientific atmospheres. "I really enjoyed my work in the academy. It is a highly scientific institution, and I enjoy being surrounded by scientists. Here at Jefferson Lab, I can enjoy that feeling once again," said Zdravkovska.

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