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On Target (November & December 1996)
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    Five and ten year Jefferson Lab employees awarded

    Service, recognition, and accomplishment was the theme of the day on December 3, 1996, at Jefferson Lab. Fifty-seven employees were awarded for their five and ten years of service to the Laboratory in a ceremony that was followed by a reception.

    Forty-five percent of Lab employees have worked at the Lab for more than five years. Of that 45 percent, nine percent have been at the Lab for more than 10 years. Director Hermann Grunder stated that the Service Awards are just one part of the Jefferson Lab culture - a culture that appreciates and recognizes individuals."At this ceremony, we recognize ideas and initiatives that have been brought to the table and have made this a lively place," said Grunder.

    During his speech, Grunder traced the history of the organization and acknowledged that those employees being honored all had a significant part in the development of the facility."This longevity award is also an award for the activities you have accomplished," Grunder told the recipients.

    "Ten years ago, we were beginning construction and very little was here. Now we have completed construction, have had our first beam, and are actually doing real nuclear physics," said Grunder. "I think each of you know what piece of that action you have accomplished."

    Janet Prater, Staff Administrator in Physics and a five year award recipient, enjoyed the chance to be recognized for helping bring the lab to fruition. "It was nice to feel like the people we work for and the Director of the Lab value our efforts," said Prater. "The ceremony acknowledged that everybody's role is important even though everyone has such varied jobs. Together, we have all built this Lab and made it what it is today."

    Ten Year Award Recipients

      Lloyd Callis
      William Chronis
      Steve Corneliussen
      Jock Fugitt
      Thomas Jeffords
      Geoffrey Krafft
      James Lemaire
      John Lerose
      John Mullin
      Sharon Parkinson
      Dena Polyhronakis
      Lawrence Phillips
      Claus Rode
      Gordon Smith
      Melissa Torres
      Dirk Walecka
      Michael Zarecky

Five Year Award Recipients

    Joseph Beaufait
    Jay Benesch
    Deborah Bruhwel
    Donald Bullard
    Buddy Carlton
    Lynne Chamberlin
    Christopher Curtis
    Gloria Fleming
    Roger Flood
    Ismael Gonzales
    Randy Hartman
    Debbie Hendrick
    Graham Heyes
    C. Scott Higgins
    Charles Hightower
    Sam Holben
    Patricia Hunt
    Steven Knight
    Walter Lacy
    Lois Lucas
    Charles Lassiter
    Albert Manzlak,Jr.
    Elaine Moss
    Janet Prater
    Quentin Saulter
    Ernest Sommer, Jr.
    Elliot Smythe
    Ricky Taylor
    Robert Terrell
    Scott Thompson
    Michael Tiefenbhack
    Janet Tyler
    Bill Vulcan
    Richard Walker
    Melvin Washington
    David Williams, Jr.
    Sue Witherspoon
    Simon Wood

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