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On Target (November & December 1996)
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    Radyushkin named APS fellow

    Anatoly Radyushkin has been selected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society in recognition for his "outstanding contributions to physics." Radyushkin was awarded the Fellowship based primarily on his work with processes in quantum chromodynamics. Radyushkin works at Jefferson Lab through a joint position with Old Dominion University. He came to the U.S. from Russia in 1992. Other APS Fellows at Jefferson Lab include: Joe Bisognano, Larry Cardman, John Domingo, Nathan Isgur, Franz Gross, Hermann Grunder, Christoph Leemann, Richard Madey, Charlie Sinclair, Ron Sundelin and John Walecka.

    Laboratory events calendar gets a new face

    A new laboratory events calendar has been established at Jefferson Lab to prevent conflicts in scheduling. In collaboration with Conference Services, the Director's Office will keep track of all events with long lead times including hall collaborations, workshops, conferences, and recreation events. Information should be submitted to the Director's Office before plans for the event have been finalized. A person in each Division will be responsible for gathering and submitting event information. A Conference Guidelines handbook is in the works that will list procedures for setting up events. Standardized forms will be included in the book. For more information, contact Sue Ewing at x7539.

    Safer tunnels lead to safer service buildings

    A team of seven from the Accelerator Division has been working to improve the tunnel configuration to further control fires, radiation, and ODH hazards in the service buildings.

    The team has reduced the risk present in the service buildings by adding aluminum plates to the ceiling of the tunnel. The plates support radiation shielding and restrict the migration of helium from the tunnel into the service buildings. They also serve as a barrier to smoke and fire in the tunnels.

    The team, which consists of Mark Augustine, Al Guerra, Eric Hanson, Tom Hassler, Jim Parkinson, Keith Welch, and Mike Willard, has been working on the reconfiguration of the tunnel for two years. Although the project has yet to be completed, a major milestone has been reached with the completion of both the north and south linacs.

    New rooms at Residence Facility

    Jefferson Lab can now offer its visitors 16 new rooms at the SURA Residence Facility. The rooms have been under construction since March and were completed at the end of September. New furniture has been purchased and placed in the rooms. Catholic University has signed on to sponsor one of the new rooms. The additional rooms allow eight of the older rooms to be used for office space for users. For information on reserving a room for lodging, call the Residence Facility at x7460.

    Walking trail cleaned

    Too busy to exercise before or after work? Try out the recently refurbished Jefferson Lab Walking Trail during lunch time. Thanks to the efforts of Plant Engineering, the existing walking trail was refurbished with mulch and markers on trees. There are two routes that can be taken; one is 2.34 miles and the other is 2.18 miles. Both trails circle Lab property and promise a good workout. A map of the trails is available on the Web at

    MOU signed with North Carolina Central

    In late October, Jefferson Lab and North Carolina Central University (NCCU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that creates two bridged faculty positions. The MOU is designed to aid the Department of Physics at NCCU in maintaining an internationally prominent department and a continuing presence by faculty and students at Jefferson Lab. NCCU will provide Jefferson Lab with additional manpower over the next several years which will contribute to the experimental program at the Lab. Jefferson Lab will provide NCCU access to resources and the experiments at the Lab to sustain the research effort of NCCU Physics faculty and the education of it students.

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