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On Target (October 1995)
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    Information Superway Leads To CEBAF

    Lab Participates in Internet Fair II

    There are many roads that lead to CEBAF-down interstate 64, Oyster Point Road, Victory Boulevard, or just straight down Jefferson Avenue. However, the newest way to get to the laboratory is the Information Superhighway.

    CEBAF, like thousands of other government agencies, businesses, information organizations, and private citizens, has posted a site on the World Wide Web. The site, or "homepage," can be found at ( and provides information pertaining to CEBAF.

    CEBAF was recently invited by NASA to participate in Internet Fair II. Just under 2,000 people attended the fair, which was held October 23 and 24 at NASA/Langley's Reid Conference Center. Internet Fair II, which can be found on the Internet at (, provided a forum for NASA to exchange information technology with over 30 other Hampton Roads businesses and organizations.

    CEBAF's theme for its booth was "Science, Technology, and You-The Making of the Universal Citizen." The theme focused on bringing the government laboratory to the citizen by redefining the role of technology development in a community setting through the use of active archives.

    "The Fair let us advertise our web site which allows the users, employees, and the general public easy access to topics of information such as CEBAF's mission, the accelerator schedule, news and events, the experimental program, or user Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) training," says Karen Hokansson, User Liaison Group Administrator. "The web site is a very effective means of posting a vast amount of information to people worldwide without the cost and time spent sending out thousands of mailings," she adds.

    Other Fair participants included organizations in the fields of entertainment, education, special interest groups, and transportation. WVEC-13, a local television station, demonstrated its use of the Internet as a tool to supplement its programming. The Satellite Committee for People with Disabilities displayed how information technologies are instrumental in providing a limitation-free work environment.

    "The Fair provided CEBAF the opportunity to compare and share ideas about using the available information technology with other organizations in an atmosphere free from competition. No one company tried to outdo another. Everyone was just there to help each other out," says Hokansson.

    - David Ellis, Director's Office Intern

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