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On Target (September 1998)
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    JLab earns clean business award

    The Business and Industry section of the Newport News Environmental Commission recently chose Jefferson Lab to receive its Clean Business Award.

    The award was presented to JLab during the Virginia Peninsula Clean Business Forum on Aug. 19.

    The Clean Business Award is presented to a business or industry in recognition of outstanding contributions in commercial beautification, litter control and recycling. Each of the four member community commissions honor their environmental advocates in this manner. The award was presented to Linda Even, Tom Jeffords and Kevin Jordan, who represented Jefferson Lab at the event.

    Each of the JLab representatives has played a vital role in promoting and living the principles of environmental protection at Jefferson Lab.

    Linda Even is the site environmental engineer and is involved in numerous environmental enhancement projects around the Lab. Before retiring last month, Jeffords was active in site beautification and recycling programs; and Jordan, FEL Group, has been an advocate of gardening activities on site.

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