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On Target (September 1998)
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    Making the grade
    Leverenz, Leary earn professional credential

    Two Jefferson Lab Procurement specialists are "beaming" these days, and it has nothing to do with electrons or the Accelerator.

    Earlier this year Julie Leverenz and Denise Leary found themselves hitting the books "hard" in preparation for the National Contract Management Association's Simplified Acquisition Specialist test.

    Both women recently passed the exam, and are now professionally certified Simplified Acquisition Specialists. According to Dick Lusk, Technology Acquisitions manager, the exam is very rigorous and tests a candidate's knowledge on all aspects of simplified acquisition (procurements valued under $100,000). Having this knowledge and the credentials allow Leary and Leverenz to better meet JLab procurement needs.

    This national level certification recognizes that Leverenz and Leary have mastered the fundamentals of the simplified acquisition profession. Only about 50 percent of the people taking the test pass it. "It was an incredibly intense test," Leary said. "After completing the exam, I was sure I was going to have to take it again. If you want a challenge, this test is it."

    Leverenz added, "I came out of the testing room shaking my head-everyone was shaking their heads. Dick Lusk put together a study group to help us prepare for the test. That's the only way to get ready for this test. We couldn't have passed without it."

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