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On Target (September 1998)
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    Sign up for low down on Lab mission, experimentation process in layman's language

    A general staff development course called JLab Experimentation and Operation for Non-Scientists begins this fall and continues through next spring.

    This special series of presentations will provide the Lab community with a deeper understanding of the Lab's scientific mission.

    This program will feature some of Jefferson Lab's best and brightest explaining what the Lab does, with a minimum of Greek symbols and formulas, according to Bruce Ullman, Staff Development and Training manager. This semester's focus is experimentation, while next semester will cover Accelerator operations.

    The Fall session includes presentations dealing with what we "produce" at JLab, how an experiment gets from proposal to publication, who Users are and what they do, the Lab's history, and each of the experimental halls and their detection devices.

    The presentations start Sept. 30 and run weekly through Nov. 19. Each session starts at 11 a.m. in CEBAF Center conference room L102/104 or the auditorium. Visit the JLab Staff Development & Training page at; e-mail or; or dial ext. 7128 to reserve your seat today.

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