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Review of Science Program for the 12 GeV Upgrade (April 6-8, 2005)

Jefferson Lab Overview (pdf, ppt)

Science Opportunities Enabled by the 12 GeV Upgrade (pdf, ppt) - A. Thomas

Fundamental Structure of Hadrons (pdf, ppt) - Z. Meziani

Generalized Parton Distribution Functions (pdf, ppt) - V. Burkert

QCD in the Confinement Regime (pdf) - A. Dzierba

Physics of Nuclei (pdf, ppt) - W. Brooks

Symmetry Tests in Nuclear Physics (pdf, ppt) - K. Kumar

Theoretical Capabilities (pdf, ppt) - M. Vanderhaeghen

Theoretical Capabilities (pdf) - D. Richards

Capabilities Required to Achieve Science Goals (pdf, ppt) - L. Cardman

Project Overview - A. Lung

Near and Long Term Science Goals (pdf, ppt) - A. Thomas