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    Workshop on Physics Opportunities with 12-GeV Electrons
    Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
    January 13-15, 2000

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    Plenary Speakers are requested to look with a critical eye to the present plans for research and instrumentation with an upgraded 12 GeV JLab beam. energy.

    In particular, they are asked to give an overview of the field (*) with emphasis on the following:

    1. What are the most critical physics subjects to be studied within the range of an energy-upgraded at JLab?

    2. What are the present plans for research and instrumentation? What are the main parameters of the instrumentation?

    3. Are present plans for research and instrumentation commensurate with these physics subjects?

    (*) Plenary Speakers should please take note that Meson Spectroscopy will not be discussed during this Workshop. Meson Spectroscopy is regarded as one of the main physics drivers of the JLab energy upgrade and a possible new Hall D, and has been the subject of a separate series of workshops. This will result in a separate Conceptual Design Report for Meson Spectroscopy and Hall D.

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