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Guide for what is required to bring equipment/materials to JLab


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This document was developed to provide experimenters with a basic guide to what is required by JLab when equipment or materials are brought here from other facilities and for procurements made outside our procurement system. This guide will give an overview of the requirements and links to the relevant chapters and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The EHS&Q manual can be found at The SME list can be found at Your SOTR/ Sponsor should be your first point of contact for information or questions. If you are not sure who that is, feel free to contact me and we’ll find out.

Ed Folts Physics Division Safety Officer (DSO) -

Some of the items that require special attention when they are brought to the lab are:

Radioactive Material:

This includes sources for testing detectors, target material, previously activated material and Gasses. Any radioactive material brought to JLab must be declared, documented and cleared by the Radiation Control Group (RCG).
EHS&Q manual chapter6310 Protection from Ionizing Radiation can be found at

SME David Hamlette -


This includes anything that does not have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on file at the lab, is considered a hazardous or Highly Hazardous substance, is flammable, any CFC or HFC (Ozone depleting). Everything also needs to be properly labeled. These are very vague examples so before you go out and buy something or bring something to JLab your best bet is to contact the SME(s) listed below.
EHS&Q manual chapter 6610 Chemical Hygiene program can be found at Appendixes T2, T3 and T4 will be especially helpful.

SME Jennifer Williams -

Hazardous materials:

This includes lead, beryllium, and any other material that requires any type personal protection equipment.
EHS&Q manual chapter 6680 Lead program can be found at
EHS&Q manual chapter 6682 Beryllium Article control and handling can be found at
EHS&Q manual chapter 6620 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) program can be found at

SME Jennifer Williams -


This includes:

Welding/ QA SME Mike Martin -

Pressure Systems and Pressure Vessels.

These are required to have an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) pressure vessel stamp or require the following before the vessel or system is fabricated

Pressure system design authority Hall A Robin Wines -
Pressure system design authority Hall B Dave Kashy -
Pressure system design authority Hall C Steve Lassiter -
Pressure system design authority Hall D Tim Whitlatch -

Lifting devices:

require the following before the component is fabricated:

Proper drawings with weld symbols

Welding/ QA SME Mike Martin -
Lifting device SME Mark Loewus -


This includes anything that is ozone or oxygen depleting, flammable, liquefied, radioactive, or not contained in a standard DOT approved container.
EHS&Q manual chapter 6150 Gas Cylinder Safety can be found at
EHS&Q Manual chapter Flammable Gas Supplement can be found at
EHS&Q manual chapter 6540 Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) control program can be found at Appendix T1 will be especially helpful.

SME Tim Minga -
SME Jennifer Williams -


Jefferson Lab is required to document and track experimental equipment on long or short term loan to the Lab. We must also Document equipment that is to be permanently installed but still remain “owned” by any contributing institution. This does not usually include things like computers, laptops etc. The governing document for this is the JLab property Manual which can be found at At the bottom of the page, click on the property manual icon. The really useful part is section 3.15. Please have all your Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) ready before you contact the SME or receiving.

SME Christian Whalen -

The contact point for work and storage space in the Physics division is

 Walt Akers -