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Training Requirements for Experimental Areas

Ladder safety is one of the most cited hazards at Jefferson Lab. It stands to reason that something as familiar to all of us as a ladder could easily be taken for granted. However, here, you are not changing a bulb in the middle of your kitchen. There are many unique circumstances at JLab that you may not be aware of. For this reason prior to using a ladder at Jefferson Lab you are required to take SAF 307 Ladder Safety Awareness. The class is only about 15 minutes long and if you stop whining long enough you might even learn something. If your task requires you to work from a ladder in a position other than between the ladder rails you may be required to take the Fall Protection classes required to wear a safety harness. If this is the case please see your sponsor, or supervisor.

If you have never had a class on the hazards of lead, that alone is enough reason to take the lead class. And if you have previously had a class, you know enough to want to learn what is required to handle it here at JLab. Before you handle and lead, be it in the form of bricks, sheets, pellets, or solder you must take SAF 136 Lead Worker Safety Awareness.

If you are going to do more to a piece of electronice equipment then plug it in to a receptacle you are required to take SAF 603A Electrical Safety Awareness. Electrical shock is another of the most cited hazards as JLab. It is required in order to make a hazard asseeement of the electrical equipment you are working on and to evaluate the requirements for locking out a piece of equipment prior to working on it. In order to be qualified to work on any equipment that has been energized in any way, be it electrical, hydraulic or machinical you must take SAF 104 Lock, Tag and Try and be trained bu that piece of equipment's SME (subject Matter Expert) prior to starting the work. The EH&S Manual, Chapter 6110 provides the Lock, Tag, Try program information.