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Speaker Title Date
Exclusive Photoproduction of Mesons at High Momentum Transfers J.M. Laget Apr. 4, 2011
Rho Mesons in Medium at RHIC and JLAB Ralf Rapp, Texas A&M University Mar. 28, 2011
Three-Body Physics in a Finite Volume Simon Kreuzer, GWU Mar. 21, 2011
Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Neutron Matter and Confined Neutrons Stefano Gandolfi, Los Alamos National Laboratory Jan. 31, 2011
Higher Spin Resonances in Photoproduction Processes Yongseok Oh, Kyungpook National University, Korea Jan. 24, 2011
Cavity Mode QED on the Light-Front Heli Honkanen, Iowa State University Jan. 14, 2011
Universal Behavior of the Gluon Saturation Scale and Dipole-Target Amplitude at High Energy Beyond the Leading Logarithmic Approximation Guillaume Beuf, Brookhaven National Lab Jan. 12, 2011
Dynamical Parton Distribution Functions Pedro Jimenez-Delgado, University of Zurich Jan. 10, 2011
QCD Structure of Hard Processes in Nuclear Interactions Carlos Granados, Florida International University Jan. 5, 2011
Atomic Nuclei at Low Resolution Richard Furnstahl, Ohio State University Dec. 6, 2010
Hadronic Parity Violation Barry Holstein, University of Massachusetts Amherst Nov. 29, 2010
BFKL Approach and MHV Amplitudes Alex Prygarin, DESY Nov. 22, 2010
Making Contact: Sum Rules and the Momentum Distributionof Fermi Gases at Large Scattering Lengths Joaquin Drut, LANL Nov. 15, 2010
Lattice Calculations of Neutron Matter and Nuclei Using Effective Field Theory Dean J. Lee, NCSU, Raleigh, NC Nov. 8, 2010
Towards a Consistent em-Current Operator From Chiral EFT Stefan Kolling, Forschungszentrum Julich, Germany Oct. 25, 2010
Recent Progress in Nuclear Deep-Inelastic Scattering Sergey Kulagin, INR, Moscow Oct. 18, 2010
Bottom Hadron Spectroscopy From Lattice QCD Stefan Meinel, W&M Oct. 11, 2010
Transverse Charge Densities Transverse Charge Densities Oct. 27, 2010
Michael Buchoff, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Extracting Scattering Parameters using the Isospin Chemical Potential Sept. 27, 2010
Julius Kuti, University of California at San Diego Lattice Studies of the Composite Higgs Mechanism April 19, 2010
Ruprecht Machleidt, University of Idaho Nuclear Forces From Chiral EFT: The Unfinished Business April 5, 2010
Eric Braaten, Ohio State University The X(3872) Files March 29, 2010
Daniel Mohler, TRIUMF, Canada Properties of Ground and Excited State Hadrons From Lattice QCD March 22, 2010
Matthias R. Schindler, The George Washington University Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory: One Loop and Beyond March 8, 2010
Andreas Metz, Temple University Universality of Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Correlators and Partonic Pole Matrix Elements March 1, 2010
Kanzo Nakayama, University of Georgia, Athens The Phase and Pole Structure of N*(1535) and the Issue of sigma_n/sigma_p in eta-Photoproduction within U-chi PT Feb. 22, 2010
Alvaro Calle Cordon, University of Granada, Spain Renormalization of the One Boson Exchange potential in the 1/Nc expansion Feb. 5, 2010
Bingwei Long, ECT, Trento, Italy Pion-nucleon scattering around the delta-isobar resonance Feb. 3, 2010
Chieh Jen Yang, Ohio University Subtractive Renormalization of Chiral Effective Theory NN Potentials Up to Next-to-Next-to Leading Order Feb. 2, 2010
Igor O. Cherednikov, Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Dubna, Russia Transverse-Momentum Dependent Parton Densities: Definition, Renormalization, Evolution and All That Jan. 29, 2010
Michael Doering, Juelich, Germany Analyticity of the Scattering Amplitude and Resonance Parameters in the Meson Exchange Picture Jan. 27, 2010
Peng Guo, Indiana Rescattering Effect in J/Psi(Psi') to 3 pi Decay and rho-pi Puzzle Jan. 25, 2010
Peter Orland, Baruch College, City University of New York Longitudinal Rescaling, Integrability and Confinement Dec. 14, 2009
Carlos Schat, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Ohio University Two new mass relations for L=1 excited baryons Dec. 7, 2009
Sergey Syritsyn, MIT Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors in Lattice QCD and Chiral Perturbation Theory Nov. 16, 2009
Sonia Bacca, TRIUMF Electromagnetic Reactions and Structure of Light Nuclei Nov. 9, 2009
Andrei Belitsky, Arizona State University Integrability of Gauge Theories: A Tool for QCD? Nov. 2, 2009
Satoshi Nakamura, Jefferson Lab Dynamical Model of Coherent Pion Production in Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering Oct. 26, 2009
Terry Goldman, Los Alamos National Laboratory Nucleon Spin Structure and Gauge Invariance (An Atomic View) Oct. 19, 2009
Jian Zhou, LBNL TMDs and Polarized Drell-Yan Process Oct. 5, 2009
Aaron Torok, University of New Hampshire Meson-Baryon Scattering in Lattice QCD Sept. 28, 2009
Avraham S. Rinat, Weizmann Institute of Science Tortuous Ways to the Extraction of Neutron Observables From Inclusive Lepton Scattering June 25, 2009
Chi-Jen David Lin, National Chiao-Tung University Walking Step by Step on the Lattice June 15, 2009
Zhongbo Kang, Iowa State University QCD Collinear Factorization Approach to Single Transverse-Spin Asymmetry March 9, 2009
Abhishek Mukherjee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Many Body Physics of Hot Dense Matter March 2, 2009
Doron Gazit, INT, University of Washington Low-Energy Electro-weak Reactions: From QCD to Astrophysics February 23, 2009
Silas Beane, University of New Hampshire Few-Nucleon Effective Field Theory with Perturbative Pions February 17, 2009
Joel Giedt, Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute
Gaugino Condensation: 32,768 CPUs
Weigh In
January 12, 2009
Radhey Shyam, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India Hypernuclei and Their Production by Electromagnetic and Hadronic Probes October 27, 2008
Haiyan Gao, Duke University Search for phi-N Bound State in Jefferson Lab Hall B October 20, 2008
Henri Kowalski, DESY Dipole Model and the DAF-BFKL Pomeron at HERA, LHC, EIC, LHeC September 29, 2008
George Fleming, Yale University New Strong Interactions for the LHC September 22, 2008
Yoni Kahn, Northwestern University Possible Experimental Searches for Light Dark Matter July 9, 2008
Asmita Mukherjee, IIT, Bombay Spectral Analysis of Gluonic Pole Matrix Elements for Fragmentation June 23, 2008
T. Mizutani, Virginia Tech Open Charm (D) Mesons in Nuclear Matter at Finite Temperature May 20, 2008
Peng Guo and Adam P. Szczepaniak, Indiana University, Bloomington Quarkonium Hybrid Spectrum in Coulomb Gauge QCD May 16, 2008
Rodolfo Sassot, Buenos Aires University Recent Progress in the pQCD Description of SIDIS Apr. 21, 2008
Thomas Blum, University of Connecticut Progress Towards the Lattice Calculation of the Hadronic Light-by-Light Contribution to the Muon Anomalous Magnet Moment Apr. 7, 2008
Jianwei Qiu, Iowa State University Probing the Parton's Transverse Motion Mar. 31, 2008
Keh-Fei Liu, University of Kentucky Pattern of Light Scalar Mesons and Quark/Glue Content in the Nucleon Mar. 24, 2008
Robert B. Wiringa, Argonne National Laboratory Dependence of Nuclear Binding on Hadronic Mass Variation Mar. 17, 2008
Cedric Lorce, Liege University, Belgium and Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany Baryon Light-Cone Wave Functions and Properties in Chiral Quark-Soliton Model Mar. 3, 2008
Abhijit Majumder, Duke University, Durham, NC Jet Modification: The Perturbative Probe of Nonperturbative QCD Matter Feb. 13, 2008
Will Detmold, University of Washington, Seattle Many-body Systems in QCD Feb. 11, 2008
Christopher Aubin, W&M B_K (and more!) Using Chiral Perturbation Theory and the Lattice Feb. 7, 2008
Werner Vogelsang, Brookhaven National Laboratory Helicity Parton Distributions of the Nucleon Feb. 4, 2008
Brian Tiburzi, University of Maryland Graphene and Chiral Fermions Feb. 4, 2008
Harvey Meyer, MIT Computing the Transport Coefficients of the QGP on the Lattice Jan. 31, 2008
Susan Gardner, University of Kentucky Variations on the Anomalous Magnetic Moment Jan. 25, 2008
Vladimir Braun, University of Regensburg Exclusive Processes in Position Space and the Pion Distribution Amplitude Jan. 14, 2008
Misak Sargsian, Florida International University Studies of High Density Fluctuations in Nuclei and their Implication in the Properties of Cold-Dense Nuclear Matter Dec. 14, 2007
Cheng-Pang Liu, University of Wisconsin-Madison Tests of Parity and Time-Reversal Violation in Nuclear and Atomic Systems Dec. 10, 2007
Mikhail Gorshteyn, California Institute of Technology Dispersion Analysis of the Two-Photon Exchange Effects in Elastic ep-Scattering Nov. 26, 2007
Norman Christ, Columbia University Domain Wall Fermions at Zero and Finite Temperature Nov. 19, 2007
Igor Klebanov, Princeton University AdS/CFT and Beyond Nov. 16, 2007
Shannan Cowell, Los Alamos National Lab., Albuquerque, NM Electroweak interactions - a correlated basis approach Nov. 5, 2007
Vincenzo Cirigliano, Los Alamos National Lab., Albuquerque, NM Probing the Standard Model and Beyond with (Semi)-Leptonic Meson Decays Oct. 29, 2007
Mark Strikman, Penn State University Microscopic nuclear structure: recent progress and directions for future studies Oct. 24, 2007
Jeff Harvey, University of Chicago Pseudo-Chern-Simons in the Standard Model, with Applications Oct. 22, 2007
Christopher Dawson, University of Virginia Recent Results in Full QCD Using Domain Wall Fermions Oct. 15, 2007
John C. Collins, Pennsylvania State University Fully Unintegrated Parton Correlation Functions and Factorization in Lowest Order Hard Scattering Oct. 4, 2007
Paulo F. Bedaque, University of Maryland Restless Pions: Orbifold Boundary Conditions and Noise Suppression in Lattice QCD Sept. 25, 2007
Ping Wang, Jefferson Lab Chiral Extrapolation of Nucleon Magnetic Form Factors Sept. 17, 2007
Amarjit Soni, Brookhaven National Laboratory Some Recent Applications of Domain Wall Quarks June 4, 2007
Steve Sharpe, University of Washington/INT Using Effective Field Theory to Determine Discretization Errors in the Spectrum of the Lattice Dirac Operator May 16, 2007
Raju Venugopalan, Brookhaven National Laboratory Universal Features of QCD Dynamics in Hadrons and Nuclei at High Energies May 14, 2007
Nick Manton, University of Cambridge Skyrmions and Nuclei May 11, 2007
Mark Paris, Jefferson Lab Dynamical Coupled-Channel Approach to Omega Meson Photoproduction May 10, 2007
Dieter Drechsel, Mainz University A Dispersive Approach to Pion Electro-production: Low-Energy Theorems, Sum Rules, and Counter Terms May 2, 2007
Andreas Metz, Bochum University, Germany Partonic Structure of Hadrons Beyond the Collinear Approximation April 25, 2007
Vadim Guzey, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany Meson Degrees of Freedom in Nuclear DVCS April 18, 2007
Pavel Nadolsky, Argonne National Laboratory Exploring Transverse Structure of the Nucleon with All-Orders Resummation Calculations April 16, 2007
Dru Renner, University of Arizona Parton Distributions, Form Factors, and Generalized Parton Distributions From Lattice QCD April 13, 2007
Alessandro Bacchetta, DESY, Hamburg Isgur Fellowship Candidate Seminar: A Sideways Look Into the Nucleon April 12, 2007
Lei Guo, Jefferson Laboratory Isgur Fellowship Candidate Seminar: QCD Spectroscopy, Structure and Dynamics Opportunities at Jefferson Lab April 11, 2007
Gautam Rupak, North Carolina State University Effective Field Theories for Strong Interactions: From Atoms to Neutron Stars April 11, 2007
Carlos Munoz Camacho, Los Alamos National Laboratory Generalized Parton Distributions and Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering: Present and Future Perspectives at Jefferson Lab April 9, 2007
Andreas Kronfeld, Fermilab Improved Actions for Heavy Quarks April 9, 2007
Matthias Burkardt, New Mexico State University Spin Orbit Correlations April 2, 2007
Cesar Fernandez-Ramirez, Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Spain Spectral-Fluctuations Test of the Quark-Model Baryon Spectrum March 21, 2007
Chris Maynard, University of Edinburg Baryons and Other Animals in 2+1 Flavour in DWF QCD March 19, 2007
James Osborn, Boston University Strange quark contribution to nucleon form factors from lattice QCD March 14, 2007
Gail McLaughlin, North Carolina State University Neutrinos From Supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts: Nucleo-synthesis and Detection March 12, 2007
Anders Gardestig, University of South Carolina Precision Extraction of the Neutron-Neutron Scattering Length From pi-d -> n n gamma Using Chiral Perturbation Theory March 5, 2007
Diana Vaman, University of Michigan QCD On-Shell Recurrence Relations and the Space-Core Gauge February 28, 2007
Tulio E. Rodrigues, University of Shuo Paulo, Brazil Photoproduction of Pseudo Scalars Mesons From Complex Nuclei up to 12 GeV February 23, 2007
Heli Honkanen, University of Virginia Obtaining Parton Distribution Functions from Self-Organizing Maps February 13, 2007
Shailesh Chandrasekharan, Duke University, Durham, NC Modeling Pion Physics Using Lattice Field Theory February 12, 2007
Alberto Accardia, Iowa State University Multi-nucleon correlations in Deep Inelastic Scattering at large Bjorken x_B January 29, 2007
Donal O'Connell, Caltech Mixed Action Chiral Perturbation Theory with GW Valence Quarks January 22, 2007
Teresa Pena, CFTP-IST, Lisbon The np eta d Reaction Near Threshold and the eta-N Interaction December 18, 2006
Sergei Kulagin, INR, Moscow Nuclear Effects for Valence and Sea Quark Distributions December 11, 2006
Michael Endres, University of Washington A Method for Simulating O(N) Scalar Theories at Finite Density December 4, 2006
Johann Rafelski, University of Arizona Deconfined Strange and Charm Quarks November 13, 2006
Rajan Gupta, Los Alamos Estimates of Light Quark Masses From Lattice QCD November 10, 2006
Chung-I Tan, Brown University New Perspective for QCD: String/Gauge Duality November 6, 2006
Huey-Wen Lin, Jefferson Laboratory Charm on the Lattice with a Non-perturbative Heavy Quark Action October 30, 2006
Vadim Guzey, Bochum University, Germany Dual Parametrization of GPDs and DVCS Observables October 20, 2006
I.G.Aznauryan, Yerevan Physics Institute/JLab Q2 evolution of electroexcitation of nucleon resonances up to Q2=4.2 GeV2 from CLAS data October 9, 2006
Marc Schlegel, Bochum University, Germany Time-reversal Odd Effects in Semi-inclusive Deep-inelastic Scattering February 3, 2009