Cake Seminar

2007 Fall
  Regular cake seminars are scheduled on 3:00pm Wednesdays in room #A110
Date Speaker Title Cake Sponsor
Sep. 5 Tim Hobbs Parity Violation in Leptonic DIS (abs)(talk) Wally
Sep. 12 No seminar Celebrate the end of the summer N/A
Sep. 19 Robert Edwards Accelerator Fairy Tales from a Theorist (abs)(talk) Robert
Sep. 26 Christopher Aubin A Tasteless Ghost Story: The a0 in Mixed-Action Lattice QCD (abs)(talk) Marc V.
Oct. 3 David Richards and Mark Paris Summary from NSTAR and MENU 2007(Mark)(David) Saul Cohen
Oct. 10 No seminar DNP 2007 N/A
Oct. 17 Adam Lichtl Excited Baryon Analysis Using the Lattice(abs)(talk) Huey-Wen
Oct. 24 Theory seminar    
Oct. 31 Christian Weiss Probing Quark Helicity Flip in DIS with Two-photon Exchange (abs)(talk) Andrei
Nov. 7 (L104) Vladimir Pascalutsa Chaos in the Hadron Spectrum  (abs)(talk) Marc S.
Nov. 14 (F113) Sinead Ryan Quarkonium Spectroscopy from Lattice QCD (abs)(talk) Jo.
Nov. 21 (L104) Alberto Accardi From Things to Strings? (abs)(talk) Christian
Nov. 28 (L104) Gilberto Ramalho A Covariant Model for the Nucleon and the Delta (abs)(talk) Franz
Dec. 5 Jozef Dudek Doing better than the ground state mass? (abs)(talk) David
Dec. 12 No seminar Prepare to hibernate for the winter N/A
Dec. 19 No seminar Prepare to hibernate for the winter N/A



Special no-cake seminar
Date Speaker Title
Sep. 4(Tuesday) Daniel Gruenewald Near Light Cone QCD on the Lattice (abs)(talk)
  Please contact theory seminar organizers Huey-Wen Lin and Marc Schlegel if you have any questions or suggestions