Theory Seminar

2007 Fall
  Regular theory seminars are scheduled at 1:00pm on Mondays in room #L102/L104 
Date Speaker Title
Sep. 3 No seminar Happy Labor's day
Sep. 10 No seminar Celebrate the end of the summer
Sep. 17 Ping Wang Chiral extrapolation of nucleon magnetic form factors (abs)(talk)
Sep. 25 (Tuesday 2pm, Auditorium) Paulo Bedaque Restless Pions: Orbifold Boundary Conditions and Noise Suppression in Lattice QCD (abs)(talk)
Oct. 4 (Thursday
10:00 am, Auditorium)
John Collins Fully Unintegrated Parton Correlation Functions and Factorization in Lowest Order Hard Scattering (abs)(talk)
Oct. 8 No seminar DNP 2007 Week
Oct. 15 (F113) Chris Dawson Recent Results in full QCD using Domain Wall Fermions (abs)(talk)
Oct. 22 Jeff Harvey Pseduo-Chern-Simons in the Standard Model, with applications
Oct. 24 (Wednesday,1:00pm,Auditorium) Mark Strikman Microscopic nuclear structure: recent progress and directions for future studies (abs)(talk)
Oct. 29 Vincenzo Cirigliano Probing the Standard Model and beyond with (semi)-leptonic meson decays (abs)(talk)
Nov. 5 Shannon T. Cowell Weak Interactions in Nucleon Matter (abs)
Nov. 12 No seminar Move to Friday (Nov. 16) of the same week
Nov. 16 (Friday
2:00 pm, L102/L104
Igor Klebanov AdS/CFT and Beyond (abs)(talk)
Nov. 19 (4:00 pm, L102/L104) Norman Christ Domain Wall Fermions at Zero and Finite Temperature (abs)(talk)
Nov. 26 Mikhail Gorshteyn Dispersion analysis of the two-photon exchange effects in elastic ep-scattering (abs)(talk)
Dec. 3 No seminar Move to Friday (Dec. 14) of the following week
Dec. 10 Cheng-Pang Liu Tests of Parity and Time-Reversal Violation in Nuclear and Atomic Systems (abs)
Dec. 14 Misak Sargsian Studies of High Density Fluctuations in Nuclei and their Implication in the properties of Cold-Dense Nuclear Matter (abs)
Dec. 17 No seminar Prepare to hibernate for the winter
  Please contact theory seminar organizers Huey-Wen Lin and Marc Schlegel if you have any questions or suggestions