JLab Theory Group Seminars

(* to be confirmed)

Winter/Spring 2007

January 22

Monday, 1:00pm
Mixed Action Chiral Perturbation Theory with GW Valence Quark
Donal O'Connell (CalTech)

January 29

Monday, 1:00pm
Multi-nucleon correlations in Deep Inelastic Scattering at large Bjorken x_B
Alberto Accardi (Iowa State U.)

February 5

Monday, 1:00pm
Obtaining Parton Distribution Functions from Self-Organizing Maps
Heli Honkanen (University of Virginia)

February 12

Monday, 1:00pm
Modeling pion physics in the chiral limit
Shailesh Chandrashekheran (Duke University)

February 23

Friday, 3:00pm
Photoproduction of Pseudo Scalars Mesons From Complex Nuclei Up to 12 GeV
Tulio E. Rodrigues (University of São Paulo)

March 5

Monday, 1:00pm
Precision extraction of the neutron-neutron scattering length from pi- d -> n n gamma using chiral perturbation theory
Anders Gardestig (South Carolina)

March 12

Monday, 1:00pm
Neutrinos from Supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts: Nucleosynthesis and Detection
Gail McLaughlin (North Carolina)

April 2

Monday, 1:00pm
Spin Orbit Correlations
Matthias Burkardt (New Mexico State)

April 9

Monday, 1:00pm
Improved Actions for Heavy Quarks
Andreas Kronfeld (FermiLab)

April 16

Monday, 1:00pm

Pavel Nadolsky

April 30

Monday, 1:00pm

No seminar

May 7

Monday, 1:00pm
Dynamical coupled-channel approach to omega meson photoproduction
Mark Paris (JLab)

May 11

Friday, 2:00pm (special time)
Skyrmions and Nuclei
Nick Manton (Univ of Cambridge)

May 14

Monday, 1:00pm
Universal features of QCD dynamics in hadrons and nuclei at high energies
Raju Venugopalan (BNL)

May 16

Wedenesday, 2:00pm (special time)
Using effective field theory to determine discretization errors in the spectrum of the lattice Dirac operator
Steve Sharpe (Univ of Washington/INT)

June 4

Monday, 1:00pm

Amarjit Soni (BNL)