Cake Seminar

2008 Fall
  Regular cake seminars are scheduled on 3:00pm Wednesdays in room #L102/104
Date Speaker Title Cake Sponsor
Sep. 24 (11am) Matthias Burkardt Transverse Force on Quarks in DIS (abs)(talk) Physics Seminar
Oct. 1 Stephan Meissner New results on relations between GPDs and TMDs from the analysis of GTMDs (abs)(talk) Marc
Oct. 8 No seminar Spin 2008  
Oct. 15 No seminar Workshop on "Electromagnetic form factors of Nucleon resonance: from phenomenology to the baryon structure"  
Oct. 22 Liuming Liu Charmed Hadron Interactions (abs)(pdf) Kostas
Nov. 5  (A110) Giovanni Chirilli NLO evolution of color dipoles (abs)(talk) Ian
Nov. 19 Chandana Jayalath Excited baryon decays in 1/N_c expansion (abs)(talk) Jose
Nov. 26 No seminar The day before Thanksgivings  
Dec. 3 (A110) Saori Pastore Nuclear electromagnetic two-body currents (abs)(talk) Rocco
Dec. 10 Andre Walker-Loud Background Electric Fields and Charged Hadron Correlators on the Lattice (abs) Kostas



  Please contact theory seminar organizers Huey-Wen Lin and Marc Schlegel if you have any questions or suggestions

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