Theory Seminar

2008 Spring
  Regular theory seminars are scheduled at 1:00pm on Mondays in room #L102/L104 
Date Speaker Title
Jan. 14 (F224) Valdimir Braun Exclusive Processes in Position Space and the Pion
Distribution Amplitude (abs)
Jan. 21 No seminar Martin Luther King Day
Jan. 23 (Wed. 3pm) Susan Gardner Absence of Gluon Orbital Angular Momentum in the Nucleon

("Hunting Traces of TeV-Scale Physics in Low Energy Processes" on Jan. 25)

Jan. 28   W&M candidate talk?
Feb. 4 Werner Vogelsang TBD
Feb. 6 (Wed. 3pm)   W&M candidate talk
Feb. 11   W&M candidate talk
Feb. 13 (Wed. 3pm)   W&M candidate talk
Feb. 18 No seminar President's Day
Feb. 20 (Wed. 3pm)   W&M candidate talk
Feb. 25   W&M candidate talk
Feb. 27 (Wed. 3pm)   W&M candidate talk?
Mar. 3 Lorce Cedric TBD
Mar. 10    
Mar. 17 Robert Wiringa TBD
Mar. 24 Keh-Fei Liu TBD
Mar. 31    
Apr. 7    
Apr. 14    
Apr. 21    
Apr. 28    
May 5    
May 12    
May 19    
May 26 No seminar Memorial Day
  Please contact theory seminar organizers Huey-Wen Lin and Marc Schlegel if you have any questions or suggestions

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