Theory Seminar

2009 Spring
  Regular theory seminars are scheduled at 1:00pm on Mondays in room #L102/L104 
Date Speaker Title
Jan. 12 Joel Giedt Gaugino condensation: 32,768 CPUs weigh in (abs)(talk)
Jan. 16 (Fri. 11:00 am, AUD) Oscar Wallace Greenberg Physics seminar: The discovery of color; a personal perspective (abs)
Feb. 2 Mark Strikman Short-Range Correlations in Nuclei and Hard Probes:
Results and Open Questions (abs)(talk)
Feb. 17 (Tue. 2 pm) Silas Beane Few-Nucleon Effective Field Theory with Perturbative Pions (abs)
Feb. 23 Doron Gazit Low-Energy Electro-Weak Reactions: from QCD to Astrophysics (abs)(talk)
Mar. 2 Abhishek Mukherjee CANCELLED: The Many Body Physics of Hot Dense Matter (abs)
Mar. 9 Zhong-Bo Kang QCD Collinear Factorization Approach to Single Transverse-Spin Asymmetry  (abs)(talk)
Mar. 23 Gerald Miller Singular Charge Density at the Center of the Pion? (abs)(talk)
Mar. 30 Oscar Cata Recent Progress in the Phenomenology of Tensor Currents in QCD (abs)(talk)
Apr. 6 Charlotte Elster Poincar Invariant Three-Body Scattering (abs)(talk)
Apr. 13 (12pm, F224/225) Matthias Burkardt Information Content of the DVCS Amplitude (abs)(talk)
Apr. 20 Thomas Luu Nuclear Physics in a Box:
Extracting Hadronic Interaction Parameters from LQCD (abs)
Apr. 27 Feng Yuan Toward the QCD Theory for Single Transverse Spin Asymmetry (abs)(talk)
May 4 Pierre Sikivie Bose-Einstein Condensation of Dark Matter Axions (abs)(talk)
May 11 Filomena Nunes Direct Reactions: Current Status and Future Directions (abs)(talk)
May 18 Pavlos Vranas The Quark, the Techniquark and the Supercomputer (abs)
May 20 (Wed. 10 am, F113) Ted Rogers Isgur Fellowship Candidate Seminar: Fully Unintegrated Parton Distributions and Extensions of Perturbative QCD Factorization (abs)
May 20 (Wed. 1 pm, F113) Anna Stasto Gluon and Dipole Cascades on the Light-Front (abs)(talk)
May 27 Peter Schweitzer The Energy-Momentum Tensor Form Factors of the Nucleon
Jun. 8 (12:30 pm, AUD) Harald Fritzsch Flavor Symmetries, Quark Masses, Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Oscillations (abs)(talk)
Jun. 15 David C.-J. Lin Walking Step by Step on the Lattice (abs)(talk)
Jun. 25 (F113) Avraham Rinat Tortuous Ways to the Extraction of Neutron Observables from Inclusive Lepton Scattering (abs)(talk)
  Please contact theory seminar organizers Huey-Wen Lin and Marc Schlegel if you have any questions or suggestions

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