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Theory Seminars

Fall 2010 Theory Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Sept 6 No Seminar Labor Day Holiday
Sept 13 No Seminar -
Sept 20 No Seminar Workshop on Searching for a New Gauge Boson at JLab
Sept 27 Michael Buchoff (LLNL) Extracting Scattering Parameters using the Isospin Chemical Potential (abs) (talk)
Oct 4 Gerald Miller (University of Washington) Transverse Charge Densities (abs) (talk)
Oct 11 Stefan Meinel (W&M) Bottom hadron spectroscopy from lattice QCD (abs) (talk)
Oct 18 Sergey Kulagin (INR, Moscow) Recent progress in nuclear deep-inelastic scattering (abs) (talk)
Oct 25 Stefan Kölling (Jülich) Towards a consistent em-current operator from chiral EFT (abs)
Nov 1 No Seminar DNP Meeting
Nov 8, ROOM F224/5 Dean Lee (North Carolina State University) Lattice calculations of neutron matter and nuclei using effective field theory (abs)
Nov 15 Joaquin Drut (LANL) Making contact: Sum rules and the momentum distribution of Fermi gases at large scattering lengths (abs)
Nov 22, ROOM F224/5 Alex Prygarin (University of Hamburg) BFKL approach and MHV amplitudes (abs)
Nov 29 Barry Holstein (U. Mass.) Hadronic Parity Violation (abs) (talk)
Dec 6 Dick Furnstahl (Ohio State University) Atomic Nuclei at Low Resolution (abs) (talk)
Dec 13 Dru Renner (JLab) Hadronic contribution to the muon g-2 (abs)
Dec 20 No Seminar -

Please contact the theory seminar organisers Vadim Guzey, Hiroyuki Kamano and Christopher Thomas if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.