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Theory Seminars

Spring 2010 Theory Seminars

Date Speaker Title
*3PM, WEDS*, Jan 13 Brian Tiburzi (Maryland) Electromagnetic Polarizabilities of Pions and Nucleons (abs) (talk)
1pm, *FRIDAY* Jan 15 Mikhail Gorshteyn (Indiana) Dispersion Corrections to Electron Scattering With and Without Parity Violation (abs) (talk)
Jan 18 No seminar Martin Luther King Jr. Day
*4PM*, Jan 25, *ROOM F113* Peng Guo (Indiana) Rescattering effect in J/Psi(Psi') to 3 pi decay and rho-pi puzzle (abs) (talk)
*1PM, WEDS*, Jan 27, *ROOM F113* Michael Doering (Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany) Analyticity of the Scattering Amplitude and Resonance Parameters in the Meson Exchange Picture (abs) (talk)
*10AM, FRI*, Jan 29, *ROOM F113* Igor O. Cherednikov (Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Russia) Transverse-Momentum Dependent Parton Densities: Definition, Renormalization, Evolution and All That (abs) (talk)
*1PM TUES*, Feb 2 Chieh Jen Yang (Ohio University) Subtractive renormalization of chiral effective theory NN potentials up to next-to-next-to leading order (abs) (talk)
*3PM, WEDS*, Feb 3, *ROOM A110* Bingwei Long (ECT*, Italy) Pion-nucleon scattering around the delta-isobar resonance (abs) (talk)
*11AM, FRI*, Feb 5, *ROOM A110* Alvaro Calle Cordon (University of Granada, Spain) Renormalization of the One Boson Exchange Potential in the 1/Nc Expansion (abs) (talk)
Feb 8 No seminar -
Feb 15 No seminar President's Day
Feb 22 Kanzo Nakayama (University of Georgia) The phase and pole structure of N*(1535) and the issue of σ_n/σ_p in η-photoproduction within UχPT (abs) (talk)
Mar 1 Andreas Metz (Temple University) Universality of transverse momentum dependent parton correlators and partonic pole matrix elements (abs) (talk)
Mar 8 Matthias Schindler (George Washington University) Baryon chiral perturbation theory: one loop and beyond (abs) (talk)
Mar 15 Jean-Marc Laget (JLab) Coupled channel effects in meson photo and electroproduction at high energy (abs) (talk)
Mar 22 Daniel Mohler (TRIUMF, Canada) Properties of ground and excited state hadrons from lattice QCD (abs) (talk)
*11AM, ROOM F113*: Weds Mar 24, Fri Mar 26, Mon Mar 29 Leonard Gamberg (Penn State) Mini lecture series on "The transverse spin and momentum structure of hadrons" (abs) (slides from lectures: 1 part 1, 1 part 2, 2, 3 -- send corrections to gamberg at
Mar 29 Eric Braaten (Ohio State) The X(3872) Files (abs)
Apr 5 Ruprecht Machleidt (University of Idaho) Nuclear forces from chiral EFT: the unfinished business (abs) (talk)
Apr 12 No seminar -
Apr 19 Julius Kuti (UC San Diego) Lattice Studies of the Composite Higgs Mechanism (abs) (talk)
Apr 26 No seminar -
May 3 Alberto Accardi (HU/JLab) Neutron structure functions at JLAB and the EIC (talk)
May 10, *ROOM F113* Manuel Mai (Univ. of Connecticut and Univ. of Heidelberg) Energy momentum tensor, stability and the D-term in soliton models (abs) (talk)
May 17 No seminar -
May 24 No seminar EBAC Meeting/Workshop
May 31 No seminar Memorial Day
*12:30PM, TUES*, June 8, *ROOM A110* Jonathan Carroll (Adelaide) QMC as a model of dense matter: from finite nuclei to hybrid stars (abs) (talk)

Please contact the theory seminar organisers Vadim Guzey, Hiroyuki Kamano and Christopher Thomas if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.