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Theory Seminars

Fall 2012 Theory Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Oct 22 F113 11 a.m. Larry Weinstein (ODU) Two Photon Exchange and the Proton Form Factor Problem (abs)
Oct 29 John Collins (Penn State) New definition of TMD parton densities
Nov 5 Ted Rogers (Stony Brook) Transverse Momentum Dependent factorization with QCD evolution (talk)
Nov 12 Karol Kovarik (Karlsruhe University) Nuclear Parton Distribution Functions (abs)
Nov 19 Zack Sullivan The new DIS and Drell Yan: single top quarks and W-prime bosons (abs)(talk)
Nov 26 Igor Akushevich (Duke University) Exact Calculation of Radiative Corrections in DVCS and SIDIS (abs)(talk)
Dec 3 Vicent Mateu Barreda (MIT) Hadron mass effects to event shape power corrections (abs)(talk)
Dec 10 PROGRAM Physics Analysis Center and the Haspect project

1:00 Mike Pennington
1:15 Marco Battaglieri/Elena Santopinto
1:30 Adam Szczepaniak

1:45 Discussion
2:00 Coffee

2:15 Sal Lombardo
2:30 Andrea Celentano
2:45 Matt_Shepherd
3:00 Carlos Salgado
3:15 Discussion
3:30 Ron Workman
3:50 Moskov Amaryan
4:05 Ryan Mitchell
4:20 Stuart Fegan

4:35 Discussion
5:00 Adjourn
Dec 17 Raju Venugopalan (BNL)

Please contact the theory seminar organisers Alvaro Cordon, Carlos Granados and Alexei Prokudin if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.