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Informal Cake Seminars

Spring 2012 Informal Cake Seminars

Date Speaker Title Cake Sponsor
Jan 4 Lingyuin Dai (Peking University, China) Study of Effective Field Theories on low energy QCD(pdf)
Jan 11 Raquel Molina (Departamento de Fisica Teorica and IFIC Valencia, Spain) and Maxim Mai (Bonn University, Germany) A new interpretation for the D_s2^*(2573), the prediction of novel exotic charmed mesons and narrow N*, Lamba* resonances around 4.3 GeV (pdf) and Coupled-channel Bethe-Salpeter approach to pion-nucleon scattering (pdf)
Jan 18
Jan 25
Feb 1
Feb 8
Feb 15
Feb 22 Vladimir Braun (Regensburg University) Operator Product Expansion in QCD in off-forward kinematics: Conformal symmetry and kinematic projection operators (pdf) Ian
Feb 29 Carlos Granados (JLab) Hard breakup of the deuteron into two $\Delta$ -Isobars (abs)(pdf) Christian
Mar 7 B207, 1 PM Veronique Ziegler (JLab) Selected Spectroscopy Results from the BaBar Experiment (abs)(pdf) Mike
Mar 14 Workshop on Confinement Physics
Mar 21 Thomas Cohen (The University of Maryland) The Hagedorn Spectrum: Theory and Practice(abs) David
Mar 28 Michael Engelhardt (New Mexico State University) The center vortex model for nonperturbative strong interaction dynamics(pdf)
Apr 4 Elizabeth Simmons (Michigan State University) Strong Top Quark Dynamics in the LHC Era (abs)(pdf)
Apr 11
Apr 18
Apr 25 Run-a-Round
May 2 Colloquium Alan Nathan
May 9 F113 Paulo Bedaque (UMD) Nuclear Condensates at High Density (abs)(pdf)
May 16 QCD EVOLUTION workshop
May 23 3:30p.m. F326-327 Igor Strakovsky (GWU) Deuteron as an Effective Neutron Target (abs)
May 30 Hyun-Chul Kim (University of Connecticut) Transverse Spin Structure of the Pion and Nucleon

Please contact the theory seminar organisers Alvaro Cordon, Satoshi Nakamura and Alexei Prokudin if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.