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Theory Seminars

Fall 2013 Theory Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Aug 2 F113
9:00-11:00 a.m.

Jacob Ethier (Stetson University, DeLand FL / College of William & Mary, Williamsburg VA)

Lucas Brady (Harvey Mudd College, Claremont CA / University of California, Santa Barbara CA)

Peter Ehlers (University of Minnesota Morris, Morris MN)

Daniel Koch (San Jose State University, San Jose CA)

Steven Casper (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA)

Christopher Lefky (Creighton University, Omaha NE)

Nuclear effects in the proton-deuteron Drell-Yan reaction (pdf)

Impact of nucleon off-shell corrections on global PDF analysis (pdf)

Nuclear effects in the proton-deuteron Drell-Yan reaction (pptx)

Quark transverse momentum in longitudinal cross sections (pptx)

Hadron mass corrections in polarized semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering (pdf)

First extraction of the pretzelosity distribution from experimental data (pdf)

Aug 5 L102
1 p.m.
Marc Schlegel (University of Tuebingen) Two-Photon Exchange Effects in Inclusive DIS (pdf)
Sep 23 L102
1 p.m.
Alessandro Bacchetta (University of Pavia) Investigations into the flavor dependence of TMDs (abs) (pdf)
Sep 27 Central Auditorium
11 a.m.
Barbara Pasquini (University of Pavia) Wigner functios and parton distributions in light-cone quark models (pdf)
Oct 21 L102
William&Mary, small hall room 122, 3 p.m.
Zohreh Davoudi (University of Washington)
Oct 28 L102
1 p.m.
Jakub Wagner (National Center for Nuclear Research, Warsaw) Timelike and Spacelike DVCS - Structure and Importance of NLO Corrections (pdf)
Nov 04 L102
1 p.m.
Alessandro Lovato (Argonne National Laboratory) Charge Form Factor and Sum Rules of Electromagnetic and Neutral Current Response Functions in Carbon-12 (abs) (pdf)
Nov 11 L102
1 p.m.
Maxwell Hansen (University of Washington) Three Particles in a Box: Mapping the Finite-Volume Spectrum to the S-Matrix (abs) (pdf)
Nov 18 L102
1 p.m.
Amy Nicholson (University of Maryland) Lattice QCD study of baryon properties in a meson medium (abs) (pdf)
Nov 25
1 p.m.
Emilie Passemar (Los Alamos National Laboratory) eta -> 3 pi and light quark masses (abs) (pdf)
Dec 2 L102
1 p.m.
Giovanni Antonio Chirilli (Ohio State University) Solution of the NLO BFKL Equation from Perturbative Eigenfunctions (abs) (pdf)
Dec 4 L102
3:30 p.m.
Jorge Segovia (Argonne National Laboratory) Recent Advances in the Calculation of Hadron Form Factors Using Dyson-Schwinger Equations of QCD (abs) (pdf)
Dec 9 Auditorium
1 p.m.
Martin Hentschinski (BNL) Proton Structure Functions at Small x Explored Through Linear Evolution (abs)
Dec 13 F113
1:00-3:30 p.m.

Raul Briceno (JLab)

Igor Danilkin (JLab)

Peng Guo (JLab)

Cesar Fernandez-Ramirez (JLab)

Pedro Jimenez-Delgado (JLab)

Andrey Tarasov (JLab)

Lattice QCD, form factors, resonances, scattering, bound states... (pdf)

Low energy dynamics in mesonic systems (pdf)

Three-body final state interaction and its applications (pdf)

Pion and Kaon Photoproduction (pdf)

JAMboree (pdf)

Transverse Momentum Dependent distributions: quarks and gluons (pdf)

Please contact the theory seminar organisersRaul Briceno, Cesar Fernandez-Ramirez , Lingyun Dai, Pedro Jimenez-Delgado, Alexei Prokudin, and Andre Walker-Loud if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.