Job Related Training & Education Reimbursement Procedures


  1. Application
      1. The supervisor may either identify existing training appropriate to the employee's needs or seek the advice of The Training Office to find training suitable for him or her.
      2. The supervisor and employee then prepare a Job-related Training Request . Along with the training request form include the following items:
          1. Course objectives, vendor, cost, location, and date(s),
          2. Supporting documentation from the organization or company to include the registration form, method of payment (be sure to state whether you are paying upfront or want JSA to send a check/CC payment),
          3. If travel is required, a completed Travel Request form must be included,
          4. If the only costs to JSA are for registration and course-related materials, a completed Check Disbursement Form must be included rather than a Travel Request,
          5. Signatures from both parties are required before submitting
      3.  The completed JRT package is then emailed or delivered to The Training Office.
  2. Training Office Review
    1. The Training Office will review the JRT package for completeness and may suggest lower cost alternatives such as a different location, vendor, or (if several JLab employees are to participate) holding the course on-site,
    2. The Training Office will then either return the package for alteration or approve the package and send it on to either the Travel Office or Accounts Payable, as appropriate.
      1. No funds should be committed until these steps have been completed.
  3. Records
      1. After The Training Office approves a JRT application, a record of the training is created in the Learning Management System (LMS) and the employee(s) is registered. This does not take the place of registration required by the vendor prior to attendance.
        1. After the training is over, the employee informs The Training Office that it has been completed they will then update the record in the LMS.
        2. Employees who take JRT in which a grade (including Pass/Fail) is awarded, must submit a grade report or certificate of completion showing they successfully fulfilled course requirements.
        3. If employee receives a certificate they should bring or email a copy to the Training Office to be placed in their employee file. 



  1. Application
    1. Applications to participate in the ERP are submitted to Human Resources. Prior ERP participants who have not taken an ERP-supported course in 24 months, as well as any participant wishing to change majors, degrees, or institutions, must reapply to ERP.
    2. The application package consists of:

                                                              i.      Education Reimbursement Program Application that includes the degree and institution, projected total cost, and recommendation of the immediate supervisor.

                                                            ii.      A short narrative explanation of how the degree desired will benefit JSA and the Laboratory.

                                                          iii.      Documentation from an accredited degree-granting institution showing he/she is considered qualified for acceptance into the degree program specified.

                                                           iv.      An outline of the program of study (course list) from the institution, leading to the degree specified.

    1. Human Resources will review application packages according to this policy, and send them to the Associate Director or equivalent along with a recommendation on approval/disapproval.
    2. The Associate Director or equivalent completes the last section of the ERP application form (including decision and signature) and returns the application package to Human Resources.
  1. Reimbursement
    1. In order for ERP to pay for qualifying expenses, participants must complete and submit to Human Resources, a JSA Education Reimbursement Program Payment Request. The form will indicate the amount requested by category: tuition, fees, and required books/equipment, and contain the appropriate Project Organization Account (POA) code to be charged. Forms must be submitted to Human   Resources no more than 15 work days following release of grade(s) for the course(s) for which reimbursement is being requested.
    2. The completed form must be accompanied by

                                                              i.      Receipts from the academic institution and others for qualifying expenses that the employee has already paid; for books and equipment, some proof that the item was required for the course is required. ERP will not pay for optional or recommended items.

                                                            ii.      Completed JSA Check Disbursement Form indicating to whom the payment is to be made.

                                                          iii.      A copy of the official grade report from the semester (or equivalent) for which the reimbursement is being requested.

    1. Human Resources will then

                                                              i.      Review the form and supporting documents for completeness and consistency with this policy and the program for which the applicant was previously approved.

                                                             ii.      Ensure that grades are adequate to authorize reimbursement: minimum of "C" for undergraduate course, "B" for graduate courses, and "P" for Pass/Fail courses.

                                                            iii.      Approve or disapprove the request. If approved, Human Resources will forward the package to Accounts Payable for processing. If incomplete, Human Resources will return the package for re-work. If disapproved, Human Resources will return the package with an explanation of why the individual will not be reimbursed.