Job Related Training


  1. Application
      1. The supervisor may either identify existing training appropriate to the employee’s needs or seek the advice of The Training Office to assist with finding suitable training.
      2. The employee and supervisor must complete an electronic Job Related Training Request. The Job Related Training Request must include:
          1. Vendor, class title, class date(s), course objectives, location, costs (without travel), payment method and charging POA. Attached documentation from Vendor must match this information
          2. Electronic signature from employee and supervisor
  2. Training Office Review
    1. The Training Office will review the JRT package for completeness and may suggest lower cost alternatives, such as; a different location, vendor or holding the course on-site (if several JLab employees are to participate)
    2. The Training Office will either request additional information or approve the package
      1. No funds should be committed until these steps have been completed
  3. Payment Options
      1. After The Training Office approves the JRT package, registration/course fees can be paid. Please see various options below;
        1. Reimbursement: Employee pays for registration/course fee with his/her own money, and submits a check disbursement form and copy of approved JRT form to finance for reimbursement
        2. JLab pays: Employee submits approved JRT form and a check disbursement form
        3. P-Card: Employee pays for registration/course fee with P-Card. Approved JRT form must be attached to receipt for P-Card reconciliation
        4.  Travel Authorization: If travel is involved, please seek guidance from division travel coordinator
  4. Records
    1. After a JRT request is approved, a record of the training is created in the Learning Management System(LMS) and the employee is registered. This does not take the place of registration required by the vendor prior to attendance
      1. After the training is complete, the employee must inform The Training Office who will updated the LMS
      2. Employees who take JRT in which a grade (Pass/Fail) is awarded, must submit a grade report or certificate of completion showing they have successfully fulfilled course requirements
      3. Employees who receive a certificate and wish to have it placed in their personnel file should bring or email a copy to The Training Office (