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Sensitive Property  

All JLab employees are responsible for the use, reasonable care, maintenance and disposal of Lab property assigned to them exclusively for performing official duties.  Laptops, cell phones, PDA’s and digital cameras are considered sensitive government property because this type of equipment is portable and prone to easy theft.  Employees who are the custodians of this type of equipment are responsible for exercising a higher degree of care in protecting it at all times.  Laptops that are part of a larger system have unique vulnerabilities, are especially prone to loss and theft, and must be similarly protected at all times.

Employees are subject to the JLab’s disciplinary process if sensitive property is lost or stolen as a result of negligence. Employees will be considered negligent in protecting sensitive property assigned to them if it is lost or stolen due to carelessness, inattention, disregard for reasonable care or failing to immediately report the loss.  Examples of negligence include but are not limited to the following: 


Leaving a laptop in a vehicle over night (and not in the trunk);

Leaving a laptop unattended and not secured by a cable lock in an area accessible by the public,

Leaving a camera unattended in a public conference room,

Leaving a laptop unattended in an airport waiting area,

Checking a laptop as stowed baggage at the airport,

Using another JLab employee’s sensitive equipment without their permission on site or without a property pass if off site and it is stolen. 


Employees can also be negligent by failing to immediately report theft of a laptop computer to local police while on travel.  In the event sensitive property is lost or stolen due to negligence, employees will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. 

Employees are to read and acknowledge receipt of this policy change by January 11, 2008.  If an acknowledgement receipt is not received by this date authority to acquire and use DOE sensitive government property will be restricted including but not limited to loss of custodianship or use of DOE laptops, cell phones, PDAs, and cameras.

The above change will be incorporated into the Property Policies and Procedures when next updated.


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