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Learning Management System (LMS) Overview

The Training and Performance Office helps the JLab community obtain skills, knowledge, and abilities that increase their effectiveness and professional development. through the Lab's Education and Training Program.

The basis for this program is the Skill Requirements List (SRL) in the JList training database that assigns training-related skills.
The training-related skills in the SRL (listed individually or as part of a competency) are requirements that must be kept current. They are added to the SRL in two ways:

  1. Automatically by one's JLab type and assigned division/group
  2. Manually by one's immediate supervisor based on job, special duties, or position using the Job Task Analysis (JTA) tool which must be reviewed and updated at least annually

If you don't see a skill you think you should have assigned or that you know you have acquired, it may be because your supervisor has not used the JTA to add it to your SRL. You can check this by looking at your Training-related skills history, which includes all skills you have, including those not currently among your SRL requirements.

Acquiring expired or untaken skills
Required skills may be acquired in several ways. For most skills with SAF, MED, or GEN codes, you can complete a web-based course, register for and complete an instructor-led course, or contact the skill subject matter expert or primary point of contact for a one-on-one training session.

Skills with other codes may not have courses associated with them. These can be awarded by supervisors/managers in your reporting chain. If your supervisor determines that you already possess one of these skills, he or she can award it by logging into the Learning Management System (LMS) and clicking "Award Skills" on the left sidebar

Learning Management System (LMS)