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  1. 5/100

  2. because of the buildup of activated material in the components in the enclosure

  3. d

  4. sometimes

  5. Depending on the radiation levels on the material, you may be creating a "moving Radiation Area" that must be properly posted. Also, the placement of the material near the boundary to a radiation area or RCA may impact the radiation levels outside the area

  6. Level I training (with special briefing) or level II training, Radiation Work Permit, Supplemental dosimetry

  7. 30 cm (about 1 foot), whole body

  8. very high radiation area, contaminated area, airborne radioactivity area

  9. radiological conditions, requirements, tracking

  10. general, job-specific

  11. the group performing the work, the RCG

  12. dosimetry requirements, protective clothing requirements, stay time limits, nature of the work, radiological conditions, radiological job coverage requirements (others)

  13. c

  14. read, understand, requirements

  15. d

  16. e

  17. c

  18. d

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