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    The intent of the practical factors exercise is to ensure that radiation workers can apply their knowledge of radiation safety by participating in an evaluated practical scenario designed to check for key elements of proper radiological work practices.

    The practical elements that each participant should demonstrate are:

    1. Identify and comply with RWP requirements.

    2. Record appropriate information on an RWP.

    3. Select and properly wear dosimetry as required by the RWP.

    4. Enter a simulated Radiological Area and demonstrate ALARA techniques while carrying out a simulated task.

    5. Respond properly to abnormal radiological conditions and alarms.

    6. Monitor for personnel contamination in accordance with posted instructions.

    Your instructor will provide a briefing on the simulated RWP prior to beginning the evaluation. He or she will identify and demonstrate key elements to be performed. You should ask questions during this demonstration and ask for practice if you are unsure about radiological information or how a particular element is to be carried out. Your instructor will not coach or show you how to perform the tasks once your evaluation has begun.

    Suggestions for Preparation

  • Read the RWP carefully, and make sure you have all your questions about it answered. Study the survey map.

  • Form a mental picture of the area and the associated radiation levels, keep this in mind when working in the area.

  • Take note of the highest dose rates in the area, and based on this, determine what the area posting should be. When preparing to enter the area, check all the postings to make sure they are appropriate for the levels noted.

  • Take note of any areas which you are restricted from based on the RWP limitations or posting designation.

  • Make sure you bring any discrepancies you note in postings or conditions in the area to the attention of the instructor.

  • Be alert for any conditions which do not seem appropriate for the area.

  • To the extent possible, act as you would in an actual Radiological Area - make sure you demonstrate ALARA by your actions. Don't linger in high radiation levels, keep your dose to a minimum.

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