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    Welcome to Radiation Worker Training (RWT). The purpose of this training is to ensure that you have necessary knowledge and skill needed to work safely in radiological areas. RWT is required for personnel who must make unescorted entries into Radiological Areas at Jefferson Lab. When you have completed RWT you will:

    • Be qualified to enter and work in Controlled Areas and Radiological Areas at Jefferson Lab.

    • Be qualified to escort visitors within the site Controlled Area (and Radiological Areas when proper dosimetry procedures are followed).

    • Be issued a wallet-sized certificate and special label for your security badge which identifies your level of qualification

    • Be qualified in all aspects of Radiological Worker Training common to all DOE sites.

    Note: You must receive site-specific training to be fully qualified at another DOE site.

    Retraining on RWT is required every two years. To re-qualify on RWT, or to transfer your RWT qualifications from another DOE facility, you may follow the 'self-paced study' method outlined on the previous page.

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