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    RW-I training required is required if your job duties are such that you will make routine entries into CEBAF radiologically controlled areas. The training is provided to help ensure your safety and the safety of your co-workers. Should you have any questi ons relating to radiological safety, don't hesitate to ask your instructor or any member of the Radiological Control Group (RCG) at any time.

    How to use this study guide

    This study guide is used as the course handout during the full classroom presentation of Radiation Worker Training. If you are attending the course, follow along in the handout, work through the review questions, and ask your instructor if you have any questions during the course.

    If you have previous training as a Radiation Worker, or wish to "challenge" the classroom portion of the material, you may use this guide as a self-paced review of the classroom material. After reviewing the material, you may attend the written exam a nd practical factors exercise to obtain credit for the class. Check for a posted schedule of dates and times for these sessions -- and make sure you sign up for the session. Please bring the handout with you to the class!

    In either case, you must satisfactorily complete the written test and practical exercise to receive credit for Radiation Worker Training.

    You must complete the written exam and practical portion with a minimum score of 75%. Questions on the exam will come from the learning objectives in both parts of this handout. Read the entire handout. Scoring criteria for the practical portion are explained in that section of the handout.

    Included in the information in this booklet are review questions. Answers for these questions are provided at the end of each topical section. Items in bold type are particularly important and/or related to the training objectives. If you come to a term that you are not familiar with, refer to the glossary at the back of this booklet.

    Please address all questions to the Radiation Control Group Personnel

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