Next E94-010 Collaboration Meeting Agenda

Saturday March 13, 1999

Jefferson Lab, CEBAF Center, Room A110

09:00-09:10	General Remarks                   K. De Jager
09:10-09:30	Physics Goals			  Z.-E. Meziani
09:30-09:50	Experiment overview/summary	  J.-P. Chen
09:50-10:10	Analysis progress/Issues	  X. Jiang
10:10-10:30	Analysis results/data quality	  S. Choi

10:30-10:40 -----------Coffee Break-------------

10:40-10:50	Optics data analysis		  M. Rvachev		
10:50-11:10	APS contribution practice talk	  A. Deur
11:10-13:10	Discussion/Issues   
		 - Time line,  Milestones
          	 - Analysis tasks distribution
                 - Dates/Places for future collaboration meetings
          	 - Analysis Meetings

13:10-14:10 ------------------Lunch--------------
 		Target Analysis Progress
14:10-14:30	NMR polarimetry 		  S. Incerti
14:30-14:50	NMR polarimetry			  S. Jensen
14:50-15:10	EPR polarimetry		          W. Korsh
15:10-15:30	EPR polarimetry			  I. Kominis

15:30-15:45 ---------Coffee Break---------------------

15:45-16:15	APS contribution practice talk    S. Jensen
16:15-17:00	Discussion of Future analysis/Systematic Studies 
                 - Time line, Milestones
                 - What to improve for future experiments?

17:00-18:30     Council Meeting

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