E94-010 Shift Assignment Form

Please, fill this document out and print a copy for yourself. Submit it using the 'Submit your dates' button. You will receive a confirmation by email at your specified address. Please, apply for 10 shifts or more for the whole experiment. The experiment will start on Friday September 25th, 1998 and stop on Thursday December 24th, 1998.

If you are experienced in multiple areas indicated in the Expertise section, choose i) in the Expertise section and write your choice in the Comments window. For example, if you have expertise in Moeller polarimetry and with the polarized target, write c) & d) in the Comments window.

You can indicate your shift preference in the Shift preference menu using the following key :
++ : I strongly desire to be assigned to this shift schedule
+- : I do not mind being assigned to that schedule
-+ : I am willing to be assigned to this shift schedule (less enthusiasm than +-)
-- : I will not work on this schedule

If you have special requests for your shifts, please e-mail incerti@jlab.org

Do not forget to specify the number of shifts you want for each period, on the very right hand side of your Netscape window.

Finally, click here to check the last schedule and availability for your request before submitting your dates.

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If you need more periods, please submit another form

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