Economic Impact

Jefferson Lab generates many economic benefits.

For the nation, Jefferson Lab generates $679.1 million in economic output and 4,422 jobs.

The economic output and related jobs represent the potential loss of gross output and employment that would be felt by the country if the lab suddenly were to vanish.

For the Commonwealth of Virginia, Jefferson Lab generates $271.1 million in economic output and 2,200 jobs.

For the Hampton Roads area, the lab creates an economic benefit in the amount of $217.6 million for the area and a total of 1,968 jobs.

The economic benefits to the region, state and nation created by the presence of Jefferson Lab primarily derive from three sources - the direct spending by the lab, by its contractors, by the user community and by the visitors to the lab.

In FY 2010, Jefferson Lab attracted visitors and research scientists from around the world.  A total of 10,530 person nights were booked in local hotels and motels by people who traveled to the lab.

You can read the lab's economic impact report by clicking here.