The HUGS Presentation Prize

In each HUGS edition, the best student presentations are awarded a prize, and the winners' names will be kept on this Wall of Fame for eternity (or the lifetime of the internet).

Wall of fame


1st place: Shreya Roy (Bose Institute, India)
2nd place: Daniel Winney (Indiana University, USA)
3rd place: Jorge Silva Castro (UNAM, Mexico)


1st place: Shohini Battacharya (Temple University, USA)
2nd place: Marc Illa Subina (University of Barcelona, Spain)
3rd place: Paul Vandraager (University of Pretoria, South Africa)


1st place: Reynier Cruz Torres (MIT/JLab, USA)
2nd place: Ruairi Brett (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
3rd place: Kyle Lee (Stony Brook University, USA)


1st place: Sandra (Nathaly) Santiesteban (U. of New Hampshire, USA)
2nd place: Giovanni Angelini (George Washington U., USA)
3rd place: Filippo Delcarro (Pavia U., Italy)


1st (and only) place: will be updated soon