The HUGS Presentation Prize

The prize

Annually since HUGS 2015, the best student presentations are awarded a prize based on a peer judging system, and the winners' names kept on our Wall of Fame for eternity (or the lifetime of the internet).

The seminars are judged by the student peers and other seminar session attendees (organizers, other JLab students, postdocs, and senior researchers) based on 3 criteria: Organization of Slides; Oral Presentation; and Command of Topic. Posters are similarly judged by the student peers, as well as by a judges panel composed of JLab postdocs and senior researchers. The votes from both groups are then averaged.

Wall of fame


Seminar Prize

1st place: Matthew Nicol (U. of York, UK)
2nd place: Filip Bergabo (City U. of New York, USA)
3rd place: Matteo Cerutti (Pavia U., Italy)

Poster Prize

1st place: Andrew Denniston (MIT, USA)
2nd place: Luca Maxia (Cagliari U., Italy)
3rd place: James Fitches (U. of Glasgow, UK) 


(School canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)


Seminar Prize

1st place: Shreya Roy (Bose Institute, India)
2nd place: Daniel Winney (Indiana University, USA)
3rd place: Jorge Silva Castro (UNAM, Mexico)


Seminar Prize

1st place: Shohini Battacharya (Temple University, USA)
2nd place: Marc Illa Subina (University of Barcelona, Spain)
3rd place: Paul Vandraager (University of Pretoria, South Africa)


Seminar Prize

1st place: Reynier Cruz Torres (MIT/JLab, USA)
2nd place: Ruairi Brett (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
3rd place: Kyle Lee (Stony Brook University, USA)


Seminar Prize

1st place: Sandra (Nathaly) Santiesteban (U. of New Hampshire, USA)
2nd place: Giovanni Angelini (George Washington U., USA)
3rd place: Filippo Delcarro (Pavia U., Italy)


Seminar Prize

1st (and only) place: will be updated soon