Intended for use in planning, training, and facilitating response activities related to a variety of emergency situations.


Table of Contents


Section 1               Emergency Response

Site Map Buildings by number and address

Emergency Services Response Route

AED Location Map


Section 2               Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

MultiFloor and HighOccupancy Buildings

(includes muster points and takecover areas)


Section 3               Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) and Radiological Areas

Special Instructions


Section 4               Building FireProtection Features

Building Numbers, Name, Characteristics, Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) Descriptions, Sprinkler Risers


Section 5               HF Containing Substance Locations

Test Lab (Building 58)

Acid Waste Neutralization (AWN (aka DACSKID)

Process Support Building (PSB)

Hazardous Waste Central Accumulation Area

Cryogen Dewar Locations


Section 6               Hazardous Chemical Storage Areas

Listed by Building


Section 7               Safety Data Sheets

Buffered Chemical Polish (BCP)

Sulfuric Acid

Buffered Chemical Polish

Sulfuric Acid

CL 49


Battery Acid

Diesel Fuel

Nextorr Dxxx

ZAO Based getters

SF 6



Section 8 Underground Water Lines, Hydrants & PIV Locations


Rev 08/2020