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Reading assignment to prepare for ISMS Awareness Training

Integrated Safety Management System Program Description
Jefferson Lab’s Integrated Safety Management System Program Description is required by the DOE Manual 450.4-1, Integrated Safety Management Manual. This document describes in depth why and how we are implementing ISM here at Jefferson Lab. This document is important to read, because it will help you familiarize yourself with the key ISM terms and concepts and better understand how ISM is applied in your everyday work activities. The document also addresses in greater detail information presented in the Jefferson Lab Safety Toolbox notebook. 
All staff, users and contractors are required to read the document by Friday, April 18. Once you have read it, click the green button at the bottom of the last page and follow the instructions to verify that you have completed this required reading. The document has been posted on the Training and Performance Web-Based Training webpage or it may be accessed directly at:

Mike Dallas
Chief Operating Officer
Jefferson Lab