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2210 Overarching Responsibilities to Ensure Compliance with ES&H Requirements



1.0            Purpose


In order to fully implement its mission, Jefferson Lab recognizes that there are fundamental, overarching environmental, safety, and health (ES&H) responsibilities required to be performed, that are not related to any specific program or process. This chapter presents these responsibilities and the title of the position to which each is assigned. Names and contact information are denoted within ES&H Manual Chapter 2210 Appendix R1 Current ES&H Staff Assignments.


2.0            Scope


Jefferson Lab cannot accomplish its mission without first assuring the health and safety of workers and the environment. This chapter provides the general ES&H responsibilities for the position listed. Program specific responsibilities are defined within ES&H Manual chapter and appendix documents.


Neglect of ES&H responsibilities is dealt with in accordance with the Jefferson Lab Administrative Manual – Section 208.02 Corrective Actions, or under the provisions of specific subcontract documents. 


3.0            Responsibilities


3.1              Laboratory Director

·         Ensure ES&H practices are integrated throughout all levels of the organization.

·         Ensure that sufficient resources are devoted to the development, operation, and maintenance of ES&H programs.

·         Review and, if acceptable, approve laboratory ES&H programs. 

·         Review and, if acceptable, approve variance requests for ES&H program content.

·         Establish necessary ES&H Committees.

·         Appoint a Facility Manager to perform requirements as specified within the Jefferson Science Associates, LLC (JSA) Contract with DOE. 


3.2              Chief Operating Officer (COO)

·         Ensure responsible ES&H practices are integrated throughout all aspects of the operation.

·         Review variance requests for ES&H program content and concur if acceptable.

·         Ensure ES&H programs are established and maintained.

·         Coordinate the development and implementation of ES&H training programs.

·         Ensure accessibility to ES&H training records.


3.3              Facility Manager (traditionally this position is held by the Associate Director – ESH&Q)

·         Perform requirements as specified within the Jefferson Science Associates, LLC (JSA) Contract with DOE for Occurrence Reporting purposes. 


3.4              Associate Directors (AD) or Division Managers (DM):

·         Ensure ES&H programs and practices within your division are in compliance with the Jefferson Lab ES&H Manual or obtain an approved variance.

o   This includes Final Safety Assessment Document (FSAD) and Accelerator Safety Envelope (ASE) requirements for areas and operations under your authority.

·         Establish and implement achievable, measurable ES&H objectives for your division that are consistent with the ES&H policy defined in ES&H Manual Chapter 1100 Environmental, Safety, and Health Policy.

·         Verify the effectiveness of, and compliance with, ES&H programs and practices through appropriate use of self-assessments, inspections, performance evaluations, and work observations.

·         Appoint Division Safety Officers as appropriate, to assist with implementing ES&H programs.

·         Serve on the Director's Safety Council. Provide feedback, updates, and concerns regarding any program’s relevance to the Chairperson for discussion.


3.4.1        Associate Director - Physics shall also:

·         Ensure that appropriate ES&H review programs are developed and implemented for experiments and experimental equipment, under your authority, including assuring compliance with the ASE.


3.4.2        Associate Director - Accelerator shall also:

·         Ensure that appropriate ES&H programs are implemented for CEBAF and LERF accelerator operations and accelerator facilities and operations comply with the ASE in force for that accelerator.

·         Ensure appropriate ES&H programs are implemented for accelerator research and development activities.

·         Ensure the Jefferson Lab CEBAF content of the FSAD and each associated ASE is appropriately reviewed and maintained.

·         Ensure the requirements of the Final Safety Assessment Document (FSAD), ASE, Accelerator Operations Directives (AOD), and LERF Operations Directives are properly implemented.


3.4.3        Facilities Management and Logistics (FM&L) Manager shall also:

·         Ensure ES&H requirements are factored into project planning, development, and construction including assuring compliance with ASE.

·         Ensure the appropriate ES&H programs are implemented for maintenance and construction activities.

·         Ensure maintenance and construction activities potentially impacting the FSAD and any associated ASE are reviewed and authorized prior to start of work to ensure proper configuration control.

·         Maintain Division 1 Master Specifications Section 013529 Safety and Health Requirements.


3.4.4        Engineering Manager shall also:

·         Ensure that programs, practices and procedures are in place that maintains pressure system safety. 

·         Implement and maintain credited controls and defense-in-depth controls listed in the ASE. 


3.4.5        Associate Director – Information Technology shall also:

·         Ensure a stable information, communication, and documentation structure to support program requirements detailed within the ES&H Manual.


3.4.6        Associate Director – Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality (ESH&Q) shall also:

·         Serve as the Senior ESH&Q Officer for the laboratory. 

·         Serve as the Facility Manager for the laboratory for Occurrence Reporting purposes.

·         Serve as the Operations Manager during emergency situations.

·         Determine code and permit compliance issues for all ES&H activities.  

·         Ensure the Jefferson Lab ES&H Manual, the FSAD, and the ASE are appropriately reviewed and maintained.

·         Evaluate requests for variance from approved programs and ensure adequate protection is provided.

·         Serve as chief liaison to the DOE Site Office and other federal, state, and local governmental agencies for all ES&H activities and coordinate responses to external ES&H assessments/issues.

·         Responsible for developing and implementing systems that assure accurate and timely reporting on environmental permit requirements. 

·         Implement Price Anderson Amendment Act (PAAA) Non-compliance Tracking System (NTS), and other DOE reporting functions.

·         Monitor and provide regular ES&H tracking and trending updates to senior management from data collected from safety management systems. 

·         Oversee the Accelerator Readiness Review Process. 

·         Verify the effectiveness of, and compliance with, ES&H programs and practices through the use of Independent and Management Self-Assessments.

·         Review Operational Safety Procedures that are written for work activities that cannot be conducted in a manner consistent with ES&H manual requirements as written; or introduce a new/anticipated/previously unrecognized hazard issue. Determine the need for and facilitate any senior management review necessary to authorize activities.  ESH&Q Reporting Officer

·         Establish and maintain access to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 300 log.

·         Meet required timeline for information entry and update in relevant DOE reporting tools.

·         Post in an accessible location completed investigation reports.

·         Ensure 24-hour access to an emergency contact person.


3.5              Division Safety Officers:

·         Assist in implementing ES&H programs as assigned by the Associate Director or Division Manager.

·         Ensure division activities are consistent with laboratory ES&H policy, programs, and procedures and resolve ES&H issues (e.g.: differences of opinion of risk code assignments).

·         Coordinate with other DSOs to assure consistent application of ES&H programs and procedures. 

·         Appoint Lessons Learned Coordinators.

·         Oversee the division’s Safety Warden Program.


3.5.1        Division Safety Officer – Physics shall also:

·         Define and execute the Experiment Readiness Review Process in accordance with the ASE.


3.6              Supervisors/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative(SOTR)/Sponsor:

·         Ensure that ES&H program requirements and practices are understood and implemented by individuals under your authority.

·         Ensure individuals under your authority are aware of their rights and responsibilities as defined within ES&H Manual Chapter 2310 ES&H Concern Resolution process.

·         Complete a Job Task Analysis (JTA) for each individual under your authority and ensure required training is completed.

·         Review JTAs annually for individuals under your authority and ensure required training is updated and completed.

·         Ensure any individual under your authority is held accountable for neglect of ES&H procedures in accordance with Jefferson Lab’s Administrative Manual Section 208 Employee Performance and Conduct.

·         Implement the requirements of ES&H Manual Chapter 3410 Subcontractor Construction Safety.


3.7              Everyone at Jefferson Lab

·         Comply with requirements set forth in the ES&H Manual, including participation in event investigations.

·         Report any injuries and occupational illnesses to supervisor and Occupational Medicine at first opportunity.

·         Report any incident, equipment failures, safety violation, near-miss experiences, or other hazardous conditions to supervisor at first opportunity.

·         Notify your Supervisor/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SORT)/Sponsor if you feel unqualified, insufficiently trained, or physically unable to performed assigned work.

·         Notify supervisor about conditions that may develop into unsafe situations.

·         Bring ES&H concerns immediately to the attention of the responsible Supervisor in accordance with the ES&H Manual Chapter 2310 ES&H Concern Resolution process. 

·         Decline to perform, or immediately suspend or stop work that poses an imminent danger to personnel, equipment, or the environment. See ES&H Manual Chapter 3330 Stop Work and Re-Start for Safety Program.

·         Maintain required training and medical monitoring as defined in your Skills Related Training (SRL).

·         Comply with safety postings and instructions

·         Be accountable to Jefferson Lab for willful disregard of ES&H procedures.


4.0            Technical Appendix


ES&H Manual Chapter 2210 Appendix R1 Staff Assigned to ES&H Activities provides information for current Environmental, Safety and Health (ES&H) related staff positions at Jefferson Lab. Other positions of responsibility are outlined on the various Division & Department's Organization Charts.

·         Contact Information for Responsible Positions

·         Councils and Committees

·         Division Safety Officers

·         Safety Warden Listing


5.0            Revision Summary


Revision 3.0 – 11/09/16 – Periodic Review; updated requirements to reflect LERF as part of the Accelerator Division

Revision 2.2 – 02/12/13 – Clarification of responsibilities for supervisors and everyone at Jefferson Lab per M.Logue

Revision 2.1 – 11/09/12 – Clarification to AD-ESH&Q responsibilities

Revision 2.0 – 11/15/11 – Periodic Review; updated to reflect current laboratory operations

Revision 1.0 – 03/16/09 – Updated to reflect current laboratory operations











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